An Affordable, Lovely Winter Coat By Hayden-Harnett

An Affordable, Lovely Winter Coat By Hayden-Harnett
I’m talking about the “Audrey” ; a twill overcoat with lambskin leather detailing. This coat has a dash of equestrian without being too over the top. To add to its appeal, the Audrey coat is on Hayden-Harnett’s sale docket; priced at $210.40 (from $526).

Hayden-Harnett designs have been featured on shows such as Gossip Girl, and they currently have a special line designed specially for Target on sale now [preview photos of the entire line]; though those pieces are strictly accessory based.


The Best Of 2008’s Duffle Coats

A duffle is a nice alternative to a pea coat; nothing too intense, but just different enough to make a visual difference and change things up a bit.  Look for toggles when choosing a duffle design; buttons are dull and are always used in every other coat; take the chance a duffle design gives you to be different.

Another thing to keep in brain when making your choice is the presence of a hood.  There isn’t much good to a coat in soggy climates when you can’t even keep your head dry…look for a duffle with a detachable hood for increased versatility.


The Best Of 2008's Duffle Coats

From left to right: Premium duffle coat ($180; Topshop), Alpha Industries wool duffle ($213; Zappos), Merona wool duffle ($79; Target), Wool duffle ($699; Burberry)

Sadly there seemed to be a lack of fabric patterns in the men’s duffle scene (except for Topman of course).  Though solids do give you much more versatility than patterns, you certainly won’t get creative bonus points for boring black.



The Best Of 2008's Duffle Coats

From left to right: A.P.C. Short Duffle Coat ($420; La Garçonne), Rag & Bone Duffle Coat ($72; La Garçonne), Check wool duffle ($125; Topshop), Duffle coat ($625; Burberry)

Women get a little more creativity with shape (see Rag & Bone’s version above) and pattern, but cuts are still fairly classic and less the risk.  This is a prime example of an investment piece that will be ready and able to be worn throughout multiple seasons; the basic design for a duffle has yet to be changed!

Hayden-Harnett For Target Preview Photos!
November 13, 2008, 10:08 am
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Exciting news! Everyone’s favourite New York export has created an accessory line for Target.  The pieces will range from $19.99-49.99; a beautiful respite to their usual price points of $700!  Preview photos from the collection are shown below.

I am actually very impressed with these pieces; especially the clutches who have the built in change purse.  The multi colored umbrella also looks quite spunky.  I can’t wait to see these in-store.

The line will be available from December 28, 2008 through March 15, 2009.

Hayden-Harnett For Target Preview Photos!

Richard Chai For Target Disappoints
August 13, 2008, 7:58 pm
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As a designer who has lent his talents to labels such as Marc Jacobs, I really expected better from the Richard Chai collection from Target. It’s not quality complaints; it’s design. There is absolutely no creativity here!

For an actual runway designer, he did not deliver. These pieces could have been designed by anyone who has paid attention to trends for the last 3 years! There did not seem to be any representation of his trademark shapes and sewing styles which completely strips his line of any originality.

The three pieces below were the most wearable items from the collection.

From left to right: Striped crinkle skirt; $30, Bubble skirt; $30, Twill shorts; $23

Luxury Handbag Brand Botkier Does Target
August 13, 2008, 6:55 pm
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As Target continues their “designs for all” campaign, the public continues to reap the benefits.  A fairly sizeable collection designed by luxury line Botkier has been released to Target stores US-wide, and you will be impressed with the results.

The only disappointment is the use of PVC versus actual leather.  It makes sense to keep costs down on a line like this; but even discount retailers manufacture goods out of leather nowadays and can still keep the customer within their spending limits.

I’m booking it down to the States to check these out in person and see if they look as good in person as they do online.  Photos of the collection are below.

View the entire collection on

Botkier for Target hobos and totes, $49.99 each

The magenta satchel is very close to the $625 original!


Botkier for Target clutches, $19.99 each

The Target collection clutches are more cleverly designed than the originals …now if only they were made with leather!


Botkier for Target satchels, $39.99 each

The satchels closely resemble their $595 cousins as well; just minus the lambskin.


Botkier for Target shoulder bags, $29.99 each

Dominique Cohen Jewelry On Sale At
January 30, 2008, 9:34 pm
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As usual, Target’s Go:International designers hit the mark. Dominique Cohen’s jewelry line has been released for a few months now, and has some of the best pieces on clearance for extremely cheap prices.

Some of my favourites (that I will be ordering) include:

Dominique Cohen Jewlery On Sale At

Cameo chain necklace (black)
Sale price: $12.49 (save $37.50)

This was undoubtedly the pick of the litter. While the list on does not specify what it is carved out of, I own the copper version of this necklace which has a cameo carved from abalone. This design is a chic update on a traditional favourite, and the black allows maximum versitility for wear.

Dominique Cohen Jewlery On Sale At

Ball chain necklace (gunmetal)
Sale price: $20.99 (save $9.00)

A great layering piece which adds gusto if added to the rest of the collection, or worn on its own. The length also affords a double wrap around the neck, or a long single strand.

Dominique Cohen Jewlery On Sale At

Lace covered bead necklace with ribbon tie (black)
Sale price: $20.99 (save $9.00)

Also a fantastic piece to add depth and energy to a multi-necklace look. The ribbon tie also adds a feminine air, as well as an instant jewelry length adjustor at your discretion.

Dominique Cohen Jewlery On Sale At

Three strand pearl tie necklace (black)
Sale price: $14.99 (save $45.00)

A total shopping score price wise, and convenient, too! Without having to mess around with three clasps, you get the three-strand look without the fuss.

Dominique Cohen Jewlery On Sale At

12mm Pearl stud earrings (black)
Sale price: $10.49 (save $4.50)

Freshwater pear studs at a fraction of the price. These go with everything, and can be dressed up or down respectively. You can’t go wrong.

There is a multitude of other items still available online, check the rest of the stock out here. Don’t waste time, the remaining pieces are selling out fast!

To fellow Canadians: Target only ships throughout America, so have your items sent to the closest shipping receiver. I use Ship Happens in Sumas; they charge $4 to pick up each package.