(212) Sample Sale on Jan 17 + 18th on East Pender In Vancouver
December 30, 2008, 2:56 pm
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(212) in Gastown is having a studio sample sale! This takes place on January 17th and 18th at 204-111 E. Pender Street (a different location than their boutique). This includes samples, clearance sale items and past season items still kicking around.

Unlike many sample sales, they will be accepting Visa and Mastercard along with cash.  Mark the date(s) on your calendar!

(212) Sample Sale on Jan 17 + 18th on East Pender In Vancouver


Topshop’s Sale Begins Today
December 26, 2008, 8:57 am
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They aren’t calling it a “boxing” sale, but hey, we’ll [almost] take anything Topshop will give us.  The sale varies from piece to piece, but many good items are at 50% off.  Below are some of my picks for top buys; or check out the entire sale here.

Topshop's Sale Begins Today

From left to right: Can Can Frill Dress ($60; $60% off), Cardigan By Simone Shailes ($300; $210 off), Pencil Skirt by Boutique ($50; $60 off), High Waisted Sequin Trouser ($70; $65 off)

Topshop's Sale Begins Today

From left to right: Print Check Biker Jacket ($50; $60 off), Stripe Double Waistcoat ($30; $35 off), Slashed Velvet Jacket ($140; $120 off), Frill Neck Bomber Jacket ($60; $65 off),

My Account Of An Unfortunate Zara Retail Experince
December 22, 2008, 11:22 am
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Everyone knows that the clothing retail industry is one of the most difficult jobs to have during the holiday season, and when I get dodgy service around this time of year I really try to look the other way.

Last evening I was in the Robson Street Zara store attempting to find my mother something for Christmas.  Of course I saw a million things for myself, an asymmetrical zipper buffalo check jacket being one of these items.  I saw a large sign above the rack screaming “30% off” at me, and that was the straw that broke the weakened sale camel’s back. I had to have it.

When I approach the woman to pay, I confirmed that the piece was indeed on sale as the rack identified, and I was told [in a very rude tone] that the jacket had been mis-stocked.  Even when I counter questioned about why there were multiples of the same jacket placed on the same rack, she told me I was mistaken.  After hearing this, she states that the jacket has already been marked down.  I told her that this was false advertising, and did not shine the store in a positive light.  She made it very clear that she couldn’t give less of a [expletive], and asked me if I wanted it or not.

Having bought four people’s entire gift range (at the cost of $250) at this store the previous week, I was thoroughly annoyed at the lack of customer service and the shopgirl’s problem solving skills.  I hear that this is a difficult time of year, but if it’s your job then f’ing deal with it or find another place of work.

Any prospective shoppers of this location, prepare yourself for this kind of treatment.

demiCouture Exclusive – $25 Off Coupon For Fashion Point Outlet In Yaletown

Get a coupon worth $25 off your next purchase at Fashion Point in Yaletown! This is an exclusive offer for demiCouture readers, and is valid until December 14, 2008.

To get your coupon, sign up for Fashion Point’s Loyalty Program and enter “DEMICTR812” within the promo code box and the coupon will be e-mailed to you.

One coupon is valid per transaction, not valid on previous purchases.

I visited Fashion Point last week, and was very impressed with their stock! They have everything from design houses such as Prada to little known Italian designers who use the best quality materials to create their pieces.

Fashion Point has jewelery, accessories and main pieces to build a luxurious wardrobe for less than Holt Renfrew wants you to pay…and the staff is friendly and does not pressure you.  What else could you want in a luxury boutique?

In case you’re not familiar with Fashion Point, there is more information on the store below.


Fashion Point offers 40-70 % discounts on European high fashion designers, including:


demiCouture Exclusive - $25 Coupon For Fashion Point Outlet In Yaletown

Lloyds Of Gastown Opening Party Photos
November 26, 2008, 10:07 pm
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Last night I went to the Lloyd’s of Gastown opening party.  I have to say, I wasn’t impressed.  From the stock I saw, things seemed like a lot of Ben Sherman dominated the selection.  The denim was priced at around $200, yet was very thin and felt almost pajama like while thumbed, and the casual shirts seemed a little dull to me.

The store was nicely decorated and designed and I hope this shop can end up making it in the harsh retail landscape of today; though I expect the buyer may have to reign in their choices and go for pieces a little more akin to an affordable Roden Gray.

Lloyds Of Gastown Opening Party Photos

A.P.C. Surplus Store Gives Me Reason To Fly To Brooklyn
October 28, 2008, 7:30 pm
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They’re been open and selling their heavily discounted French threads since January (at a glorious 60% off!).  Plainly said, the A.P.C. Surplus store is making me yearn for a visit to NY.  If you’re near 33 Kent Ave in Brooklyn [directions], I suggest you stop by.

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I Finally Realized Why The Concept Of H&M Is So Much Better On Paper Than In-Store
October 7, 2008, 3:51 pm
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It has perplexed me ever since last year when the first local H&M burst into the dumpy Coquitlam Centre, then took over Holt Renfrew’s old space in Vancouver’s upscale Pacific Centre mall.  H&M looks marvellous on their website, and in all ads. If you imagine your last view of any H&M poster, you will likely have a mental picture of Daria Werbowy looking perfectly airbrushed while covered in pieces that (gasp) you can afford, and will likely look good on a range of body types.

The trouble is when you get into the actual retail environment, chaos is thrown at you from every angle.  I’m not even referring to things organized neatly; I’m talking about the company’s perceived complete lack of preparation with their store’s visual designs.

For instance, last Sunday I ventured into the Vancouver flagship location.  It was painfully busy, though this was acceptable and entirely predictable.  What a shopper can’t handle, is trying to dodge rabid bargain hunters while being simultaneously bombarded with a complete mess of visuals. 

I wandered upstairs to the “young adult” section, and there was no complimentary color organization. Everything was lumped together, and silently screaming at me to look at it.  I can tell you right at that moment that I got an instant headache. 

Why is it so difficult for this brand to pick their five top Fall shades, and organize their pieces in their stores accordingly? It would create much less buying stress for their customers, and likely cause consumers to buy more; as they would be finding increased amounts of what they were initially looking for without the added stress of having to sift through piles and racks randomly.

On paper, H&M appears organized, polished and embodies most of what the average style conscious trend follower would want to be.  In-store, they’re an absolute mess that discourages buying.

I wonder what the revenue difference a made-over store would have when compared to one who has not…  It’s a curious concept.  The whole idea may just be wacky enough to make sense.

H&M, can you hear me?