Topshop Creates Givenchy Runway Jewelry Lookalike

After a four months’ wait, Topshop has come out with a lookalike multi strand chain necklace (with trademark charms of course) to give with Givenchy’s fans with less of a budget than $2k something to claw for.  This piece isn’t gold (the metal isn’t even identified; we’re only given “metal fiber”), but at savings of $1,915 I suppose we shouldn’t complain too loudly.

Topshop Creates Givenchy Runway Jewelry Lookalike


Want Of The Day: Change Purse Locket By Fred Flare
November 18, 2008, 3:09 pm
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Change Purse Locket By Fred Flare
Fred Flare could really go for some re-branding, but their change purse locket is definitely an affordable treasure to snap up. The locket opens to show a reasonably large compartment for storing your treasures and comes strung on a 26″ long chain.

At $16, you won’t be getting metal of serious value, but that is also damn affordable. I would venture a guess that those with metal allergies should steer clear of this one, lest your neck become inflamed.

Dominique Cohen Jewelry On Sale At
January 30, 2008, 9:34 pm
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As usual, Target’s Go:International designers hit the mark. Dominique Cohen’s jewelry line has been released for a few months now, and has some of the best pieces on clearance for extremely cheap prices.

Some of my favourites (that I will be ordering) include:

Dominique Cohen Jewlery On Sale At

Cameo chain necklace (black)
Sale price: $12.49 (save $37.50)

This was undoubtedly the pick of the litter. While the list on does not specify what it is carved out of, I own the copper version of this necklace which has a cameo carved from abalone. This design is a chic update on a traditional favourite, and the black allows maximum versitility for wear.

Dominique Cohen Jewlery On Sale At

Ball chain necklace (gunmetal)
Sale price: $20.99 (save $9.00)

A great layering piece which adds gusto if added to the rest of the collection, or worn on its own. The length also affords a double wrap around the neck, or a long single strand.

Dominique Cohen Jewlery On Sale At

Lace covered bead necklace with ribbon tie (black)
Sale price: $20.99 (save $9.00)

Also a fantastic piece to add depth and energy to a multi-necklace look. The ribbon tie also adds a feminine air, as well as an instant jewelry length adjustor at your discretion.

Dominique Cohen Jewlery On Sale At

Three strand pearl tie necklace (black)
Sale price: $14.99 (save $45.00)

A total shopping score price wise, and convenient, too! Without having to mess around with three clasps, you get the three-strand look without the fuss.

Dominique Cohen Jewlery On Sale At

12mm Pearl stud earrings (black)
Sale price: $10.49 (save $4.50)

Freshwater pear studs at a fraction of the price. These go with everything, and can be dressed up or down respectively. You can’t go wrong.

There is a multitude of other items still available online, check the rest of the stock out here. Don’t waste time, the remaining pieces are selling out fast!

To fellow Canadians: Target only ships throughout America, so have your items sent to the closest shipping receiver. I use Ship Happens in Sumas; they charge $4 to pick up each package.

A Cure For Your Necklace’s Phantom Limb
November 6, 2007, 11:33 pm
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Stella McCartney has designed a necklace featuring a pendant of a leg. Heather Mills’ amputated leg to be exact.

OK, either this is simply hilarious or a really petty dig. I’m all for the “who cares about Heather” bandwagon as this is simply getting old, but I figure this little accessory was worth a mention if only for the potential laughter.

There are no photos of the actual piece as of yet, but apparently the jewelry will sell for £300 with next season’s collection. The piece was shown in Paris last month to the shock and whispers of the crowd; some who thought it was too obviously a jab at Mills while others thought it to be quite hilarious.

Regardless, if this will spark a new trend in amputee-themed jewelry remains to be seen.