An Affordable, Lovely Winter Coat By Hayden-Harnett

An Affordable, Lovely Winter Coat By Hayden-Harnett
I’m talking about the “Audrey” ; a twill overcoat with lambskin leather detailing. This coat has a dash of equestrian without being too over the top. To add to its appeal, the Audrey coat is on Hayden-Harnett’s sale docket; priced at $210.40 (from $526).

Hayden-Harnett designs have been featured on shows such as Gossip Girl, and they currently have a special line designed specially for Target on sale now [preview photos of the entire line]; though those pieces are strictly accessory based.


Mad Love For Gloves

As fall descends upon us, we find the glove trend of yore has burst upon us once again.

Since little cropped sleeve jackets are also in the favour of the fall 2007 trendmonster, this is a perfect addition in replacement of a dull long sleeved shirt or chilly bare skin [unless you plan on getting near frostbite!].

I am pleased to report that opera gloves are making a vivacious comeback. Visually pleasing colors are being pushed by most fashion houses to break up the dominant greys and blacks we come to expect during these months. Carolina Amato has some positively lovely selections; though you’re going to be expected to part with $285 US per pair. Can you just picture these with a cropped blazer? Bliss!

Let’s face it. Not many can afford such dandy items, so I would suggest going to your neighbourhood Winners [if you’re in Canada or are close to the Canadian border]. I found a pair of silky soft black mid-length gloves for $29.99; and the best part of it all is the detailings. They have three subtle strap pieces sewn onto the top of the glove; and three brass buttons. Needless to say, I was quite thrilled to find them.

As a second choice you could roam the vintage stores for gloves, but I find that they are largely for very tiny-handed old ladies and are not fit for most. I found these were also typically as expensive as the new pieces which really made no sense as they showed visible signs of wear and much age related winkling of the leather.

For something in more of a mid-range, you can find a mid-length standard lambskin glove with a cashmere lining at Coach for $98 US. These are offered in black, as well as a few color options. Neiman Marcus also gives you an oppourtunity to jump on the patent-leather trend train. Their opera gloves by GIM tag at $175 US. Color ranges include black, dark grey, dark brown, dark green and plum.

Though you will have to tip your spend scale to the +$800 mark for these babies, I feel that these Burberry offerings are truly worth mention. Officially named Burberry quilted patent gloves; I initially saw these in an Elle magazine and almost died. Shown online at Neiman Marcus for the hysterically frightening pricetag of $810, these are the mothers of all fall gloves. Though they are black, the trademark Burberry quilting and wrist buckles more than make up for the lack of vibrance. The shine will command attention still, and let’s face it; you’ll look like you really mean business if you put a pair of these on.

Burberry Quilted Patent Gloves

If you’re on a budget, get one basic black mid-length and one opera length. You can build onto the colors after that base has been established and you’ve been accustomed to wearing them.

As for the men, Coach also offers a similar more cropped version of the women’s glove in black. I also found a pair of dark brown Prada gloves at for $199 US; which despite the high figure is quite the deal (approx. $125 off). If you live near the Winners in downtown Vancouver, they have been getting prime haute stock (think Gucci, Armani, etc) at a fair discount. It just proves that if you know where to look there is absolutley no need to pay out full price.

Men’s coach

Time’s a wastin’ and the weather is only getting chillier. Get out there and grab a few pairs before your hands suffer the consequences of glove neglect!