Topshop Creates Givenchy Runway Jewelry Lookalike

After a four months’ wait, Topshop has come out with a lookalike multi strand chain necklace (with trademark charms of course) to give with Givenchy’s fans with less of a budget than $2k something to claw for.  This piece isn’t gold (the metal isn’t even identified; we’re only given “metal fiber”), but at savings of $1,915 I suppose we shouldn’t complain too loudly.

Topshop Creates Givenchy Runway Jewelry Lookalike


Want Of The Day: Change Purse Locket By Fred Flare
November 18, 2008, 3:09 pm
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Change Purse Locket By Fred Flare
Fred Flare could really go for some re-branding, but their change purse locket is definitely an affordable treasure to snap up. The locket opens to show a reasonably large compartment for storing your treasures and comes strung on a 26″ long chain.

At $16, you won’t be getting metal of serious value, but that is also damn affordable. I would venture a guess that those with metal allergies should steer clear of this one, lest your neck become inflamed.

Loving Erickson Beamon’s Cluster Cocktail Ring
September 26, 2008, 1:14 pm
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For a designer cocktail ring with so much detail, I was surprised it was so affordable.  At the price of $235, this Erickson Beamon’s stone cluster cocktail ring is a piece of gaudy Fall homage delight is not cheap by any means, though attainable for most.

I love the grouping of the design with the leaves, and the gold spattering on the stones themselves.  I fancy this as a classier cocktail ring; versus the usual design of a massive stone that may run the risk of looking like a cheap imitation of the real thing (even if it is).

The work put into this piece guarantees its quality will show, and is sure to inspire conversation.