Spats Are An Emerging Footwear Trend For 2009

Yet another trend taken from the 18th century is set to gain momentum in 2009; this being spats.  The beauty of the spat is the leather can be attached to any current ankle boot or pump you already have, which instantly makes it into a shiny new piece of footwear with an entirely different look.

I’m not too fond of the gladiator style “Posso the Spat” look; many of these are far too Roman-esque for my tastes and not at all elegant.  The product shots below are from Hi Bandit; much more military like and traditional looking.

For those still wondering WTH is up with spats, a number of designers have been incorporating the spat concept into their footwear designs already, one being Gwen Stefani with her L.A.M.B. “Rosebury” ankle boot.  In reality, any side ankle boot has taken influence from the original spat design.

Try something new…you’ll likely be one of the only people on the block brave enough to pull these off!

Spats Are An Emerging Footwear Trend For 2009


Awesome Motorcycle-esque Boots Ahoy

Awesome Motorcycle-esque Boots Ahoy

Let’s face facts, here: winter is not the time for heeled boots. In the spirit of not dressing like you’re about to hit the slopes, may I suggest the delightfully buckle and zipper laden Virgie boot by Aldo.

Think of it this way; these boots will go swimmingly with all the buffalo check you’ve purchased in the last month (or perhaps it’s just me?)

You Should Own At Least One Pair Of Snow Boots

Sure, it may only snow two weeks out of the year in Vancouver (thankfully), but for times like these it’s paramount to have a pair of good looking season less snow boots in the closet.

I say season less because you don’t want the fad of the moment in boot form; you need wearing longevity, not to be a the biggest ski bunny (the horror).  I would suggest investing in a solid pair of thick snow boots; something solid in color; possibly with a fur accent (this is the time for real fur; fake will not give you the years of service and will wear into an ugly blob) and a thin, streamlined design.

Avoid clunky boots that look like you’re about to take to the hills, those have no place in the city.  Try a hybrid of a snow-rain boot like Dolce & Gabbana’s design pictured below.  A taller design is also ideal, depending on how much white stuff you’re going to have to battle with.

The main concern is to keep warm and dry, so make those your top priorities.  For a boot that will likely last you many seasons, I would encourage buying a well constructed piece of footwear.  This may be more expensive, but it will last!

You Should Own At Least One Pair Of Snow Boots

From left to right: Dolce & Gabbana charcoal nylon buckle snow boots ($656; Bluefly), Marni lambskin knit lined riding boots ($844; Bluefly),  Sorel Caribou boot ($110; Zappos)

Gravity Pope Pre Christmas Sale On Now
December 12, 2008, 11:34 pm
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Apologies  for posting this a bit late, but I have been a busy bee preparing magical resumes and cover letters.  The sale isn’t intense; only 15% off the store, but it’s something to absorb taxes.   Gravity Pope Pre Christmas Sale

The Question Of The Sandal Boot
December 12, 2008, 10:07 am
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Sandal boots seem like an elaborate pump.  To me, having a “boot” with less material covering the foot than a traditional ankle boot design makes them pumps, or flats; definitely not boots.  Because of the simple add ons and the new naming convention, I suspect this is just a new way to get people interested in a design that has already been done for decades under the label of a pump.

I have nothing against these designs whatsoever, I simply think this is a borderline hilarious marketing ploy to sell shoes to people who just can’t be without the newest fad.  Call a pump a pump, people.  That is all.

The Question Of The Sandal Boot

From left to right: Rex sandal boot ($145; Topshop), Jessica Bennett Jilt platform sandal ($144; Endless), Davis By Ruthie Davis pixel boot ($785; Endless)

Finally, The Block Heel Begings To Re-Emerge

The stiletto is awesome and all, but I like to be able to walk more than five feet while in heels.  The block heel allows you do so so, and with a bit more comfort and stability as well as wearing longevity.  Be careful not to select an unshapely block heel shoe; those will age your look and add the ‘frump’ factor (and nobody wants that).

Go for a tapered heel shape to keep your heels looking up to date, and try patent leather to spunk things up.

Finally, The Block Heel Begings To Re-Emerge

From left to right: Show block t-bar shoe ($70; Topshop), Marc by Marc Jacobs Block heel pumps ($201; Net-A-Porter), Ras pump ($328; Endless), Karapinar heel ($50; Aldo)

Want Of The Day: KEZIA Lace Up Shoe From Topshop
December 3, 2008, 10:26 am
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KEZIA Lace Up Shoe From TopshopThe Keiza shoe from Topshop is like a hybridized version of a loafer and a jazz shoe; the shoe is shaped enough (especially with that point and the minor heel), yet manages to look light and airy enough to still be a dance shoe without thick layers of leather.

The elastic is camouflaged enough against the original patent design that the shoe can get away with it; though I don’t fancy the look of black elastic against the gold leather in the sister version.

At $100, the Keizas will still keep you dancing all the way to the bank (which we all relish nowadays!)