(212) Sample Sale on Jan 17 + 18th on East Pender In Vancouver
December 30, 2008, 2:56 pm
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(212) in Gastown is having a studio sample sale! This takes place on January 17th and 18th at 204-111 E. Pender Street (a different location than their boutique). This includes samples, clearance sale items and past season items still kicking around.

Unlike many sample sales, they will be accepting Visa and Mastercard along with cash.  Mark the date(s) on your calendar!

(212) Sample Sale on Jan 17 + 18th on East Pender In Vancouver


Grab One Of Hayden-Harnett’s Most Beautiful Bags for $250 (This Is Full Sized, People)
December 3, 2008, 10:14 am
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Hayden Harnett’s Turnlock tote usually retails at $650, but since the Thankful Sale has been held over it’s now being priced to clear at $250! This is one versatile bag which HH calls “your new best friend”.  Did I mention this thing is massive?

Oh, and for all you Gossip Girl fans, Hayden-Harnett bags have been featured on the show.

Grab One Of Hayden-Harnett's Most Beautiful Bags for $250 (This Is Full Sized, People)

Anyone Fancy A Deal On Earnest Sewns?
October 26, 2008, 5:13 pm
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I have consistently been able to find Earnest Sewns at Winners for quite a price chop. “Regular” prices at W are usually $100 (off by about 50%), though I luckily discovered a pair of Zazos on clearance for $74.

If you’re a diligent shopper at places like this, you’ll be able to avoid inflated boutique prices and still wear the same product; and who could argue with that?

Four Ankle Booties For Under $116? Thank You Payless!

If you’re looking for a footwear bargain (and who isn’t), look no further than the Payless BOGO (buy one, get one half off) sale.  As if you needed more reasons to hop down to the closest store, the Alice + Olivia line has officially been released for purchase and are included in the BOGO event!

Now for us Canadians, I have not yet confirmed that the coveted designs of Alice + Olivia (or any of my other favourites for that matter) are going to be available in Canada, but America is only a short car ride (and a fun-filled day trip) away.  If you live close to the border as I do, you can avoid the drive and border hassles by taking advantage of Payless’ current free in-USA shipping offer by getting your order sent to a shipping receiver like Ship Happens.

Where else could you get four of Fall 2008’s hottest trends for under $116? Nowhere I’ve seen locally!

Shown below from left to right are my most coveted current designs from Payless: Rivington ankle boot (in red); $48, Jane black zip boot; $48, Madison button ankle boot; $28, Tate oxford bootie; $30

Free Next Day Shipping For Canadian American Apparel Customers (till 12/18/2007)
December 13, 2007, 7:52 pm
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Listen up, Canadian hipsters.

If you still haven’t succumbed to Christmas shopping mania, or are still freaking out because you can’t find someone on that never ending list of yours the perfect gift; listen up.

American Apparel’s online store is offering free next day shipping with the code LastChance07 until December 18h, 2007. You can still freak out (like me) for fun, nobody will rob you of that. At least this way you can count on missing out on mania as frantic buyers grab the last shreads of what’s left in-store.

This is also a great way to guarantee the size and style you want will be available to you, instead of taking the gamble that they’re sold out of that black cardie or vegas legging your sister just had to have.

So stay home, be an online shopping hermit and check out these deals. It’s rare that free shipping (let alone next day service) is offered anywhere online, so seriously consider taking advantage of this deal.

That is all.

Shipping For Canadian American Apparel Customers (till 12/18/2007)

Give Me More Ankle Boots!

As my continuous love affair with everything 80s-throwback-style continues, now is the time for me to revel in another appearance: the ankle boot. A lovely leg-lengthener for all and a boot which looks just as lovely as a flat or heeled; this is a positive addition to your wardrobe.

I treated myself to two pairs a few weeks ago from (cringe) Payless. I was perusing the site recently and also found a pair of Hassel Collar ankle boots in a variety of colors.

Both styles of are approx. $60 CA. each without a sale, though I see on the US website that they are selling for about $30 US each. If you have a US P.O. box to mail your beauties to, or can spare a day for a trip down I would highly recommend it as retailers have not (and will not) adjust their US/Canadian prices according to the fluxing dollar values. Take advantage while you can!

Grey American Eagle Ankle BootBlack American Eagle Ankle BootHassel Collar Ankle Boot
Nordstrom has a beautiful design by Frye; the “Liv” bootie. I’ll classify this under my “if only” wish list. It is a beautiful black leather with metal buckle detailing over the front, with a classic rounded toe and heel just thick enough to not cause bodily harm while walking over a city grate. This creation will cost you $247.95 US.

Frye “Liv” Bootie

Now, the hardest part.

How the *%&* do you wear them?

My favorites are:

  • A dark wash skinny jean. A blue dark wash is perfect for fall, and offers a chance to break up all those blacks and grays that will be undoubtedly thrown upon your legs as the weather gets colder. This also works for a dressing up an outfit, as well as going city-casual.
  • Leggings! With shorts (dress or otherwise) or a mini skirt, this will lengthen your legs and create a very thin silhouette. This choice is best paired with a boxy blazer or pea coat to personify this even more.
  • A dark slack. I found some wonderful Vince skinny black slacks at Winners recently ($60, what a steal!). This pant also has the advantage of being able to step it up for a night occasion, or used easily to compliment your daywear.

Points to avoid:

  • Long skirts. Even on the tallest frau, this will make you look like one big stump and an escapee of the nearest Huderite settlement. If you must wear a long skirt or dress, grab a pump or full-length boot.
  • Bootleg jeans. The leg is the last place you want unsightly ankle wrinkles and fabric gather. It makes for a thicker leg and gives a heavier feel to your whole outfit.
  • Jeans that just don’t fit. I realize this should be a given, but I must add it anyhow. Please, girls: buy your size! Get fitting help from a professional if necessary. Any employee in your neighborhood boutique/shop should be happy to assist you with this. Remember: if it’s they’re too small (I don’t care how thin you are) you will get muffin tops and look like you’re walking on two wrapped sausages. Alternatively, the saggy mum bum isn’t a recommended look either, so get that consult if you need it!