(212) Sample Sale on Jan 17 + 18th on East Pender In Vancouver
December 30, 2008, 2:56 pm
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(212) in Gastown is having a studio sample sale! This takes place on January 17th and 18th at 204-111 E. Pender Street (a different location than their boutique). This includes samples, clearance sale items and past season items still kicking around.

Unlike many sample sales, they will be accepting Visa and Mastercard along with cash.  Mark the date(s) on your calendar!

(212) Sample Sale on Jan 17 + 18th on East Pender In Vancouver


(212) Holiday Shopping Party In Gastown Tonight. 40% Off The Entire Store!

Gastown boutique (212) in Gastown is having a last minute holiday shopping party tonight.  It is seriously last minute; they only sent out the invitations an hour ago.

The sale is tonight from 6-10pm and there is a 40% off discount off the entire store.  Remember, the sale is tonight only.

RSVP on the Facebook event

(212) Holiday Shopping Party In Gastown Tonight. 40% Off The Entire Store!

(212) Private Event Registration Details
December 11, 2008, 4:20 pm
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You must RSVP at before December 17th, 2008 to be put on the guestlist for a special private event.  There have been no additional details released, so sign up and find out what’s going on.

I have a feeling super awesome sales are in your future!

(212) Private Event Registration Details

Vancouver Fashion | Cordova Street

On a street that can range from beautiful to a tad scary, you can find much in the way of wardrobe boosters on Cordova. If you’re planning on visiting Vancouver (or somehow (?) haven’t checked out this area) and want to come away with arms full of lovely new threads (many designed locally!), this is the perfect area.

Some of my favourite stores:

(212) – 454 W. Cordova
212’s designers flog trends straight from N.Y. and combine them with Vancouver’s local flair. Pricing is moderately high for what you get, though considering these are unique, local designs one can take the price hit when you find something here you absolutely love.

Deluxe Junk – 310 W. Cordova
This is a top-shelf consignment store. You will find anything from your grandma’s best vintage to recent rags from European designers. It really varies, and prepare to spend a bit of time here in order to look through it all. The biggest thing to pay attention to is the price tags. If you look closely, there are dates with corresponding price reductions. If the item has been in-store for longer than the date for a cheaper price, that’s what you pay!Dutil – 303 W. Cordova

Dutil houses your favourite denim, period. Anyone looking for jeans can find exactly what they need within Dutil’s walls. You can find labels such as True Religion, Paige Denim Stronghold, Rock & Republic and J Brand in scores, ready to find the perfect new home on your lower half. This store is fantastic, though prepare to pay for what you get. Don’t worry, it’s worth it.

Mintage – 320 W. Cordova
This is one store I will always rave about to whoever will listen. Mintage combines new stock (at the front, center of the store) and some of the best vintage available in Vancouver. They have

shoes, jewelry, and items to cover every part of you. Prices are reasonable, and the stock is dependably good and the employees are friendly and always helpful.

The Block – 350 W. Cordova
Some of the most lovely clothing can be found here, but prepare to really pay for it. Their carried list of line is extremely impressive (view here), with many lines as exclusives in Canada. This is not one to miss, and if you see they’re having a sale, get in there!

All of these shops are located in the historic Gastown district of Vancouver, B.C.

Deluxe Junk
Photo of the inside of Deluxe Junk.