An Affordable, Lovely Winter Coat By Hayden-Harnett

An Affordable, Lovely Winter Coat By Hayden-Harnett
I’m talking about the “Audrey” ; a twill overcoat with lambskin leather detailing. This coat has a dash of equestrian without being too over the top. To add to its appeal, the Audrey coat is on Hayden-Harnett’s sale docket; priced at $210.40 (from $526).

Hayden-Harnett designs have been featured on shows such as Gossip Girl, and they currently have a special line designed specially for Target on sale now [preview photos of the entire line]; though those pieces are strictly accessory based.


Awesome Motorcycle-esque Boots Ahoy

Awesome Motorcycle-esque Boots Ahoy

Let’s face facts, here: winter is not the time for heeled boots. In the spirit of not dressing like you’re about to hit the slopes, may I suggest the delightfully buckle and zipper laden Virgie boot by Aldo.

Think of it this way; these boots will go swimmingly with all the buffalo check you’ve purchased in the last month (or perhaps it’s just me?)

You Should Own At Least One Pair Of Snow Boots

Sure, it may only snow two weeks out of the year in Vancouver (thankfully), but for times like these it’s paramount to have a pair of good looking season less snow boots in the closet.

I say season less because you don’t want the fad of the moment in boot form; you need wearing longevity, not to be a the biggest ski bunny (the horror).  I would suggest investing in a solid pair of thick snow boots; something solid in color; possibly with a fur accent (this is the time for real fur; fake will not give you the years of service and will wear into an ugly blob) and a thin, streamlined design.

Avoid clunky boots that look like you’re about to take to the hills, those have no place in the city.  Try a hybrid of a snow-rain boot like Dolce & Gabbana’s design pictured below.  A taller design is also ideal, depending on how much white stuff you’re going to have to battle with.

The main concern is to keep warm and dry, so make those your top priorities.  For a boot that will likely last you many seasons, I would encourage buying a well constructed piece of footwear.  This may be more expensive, but it will last!

You Should Own At Least One Pair Of Snow Boots

From left to right: Dolce & Gabbana charcoal nylon buckle snow boots ($656; Bluefly), Marni lambskin knit lined riding boots ($844; Bluefly),  Sorel Caribou boot ($110; Zappos)

Need Party Ideas? Here Is A New Year’s Party For The Fashion Crowd

If any of you Vancouverites have been pondering your pretty heads into migraine status over the question of what to do on New Years’, look no further.  The Voya Fashion New Year’s ’09 event at the Loden Hotel is sure to fit what you’re looking for; it’s chic, luxurious and the party won’t end till you’re ready to drop.

Admission is $99 per person or there is a $399 Sleep Over & Event package based on double occupancy. RSVP here.

Need Party Ideas? Here Is A New Year's Party For The Fashion Crowd

Lumberjack Check Pea Coat Alert
December 16, 2008, 10:18 am
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Joe Fresh by Superstore has a delightful buffalo check pea coat in stock right now.  It is double breasted, has military epaulets and is waist perfect!  It’s a little expensive for a grocery piece ($79), but the coat is warm, soft and a nice [relatively] inexpensive buffalo check jacket is hard to find locally these days!

I snagged one last night, and am absolutely loving it.  If you’re into that grunge revival look, this is one jacket you will want to have.

Lumberjack Check Pea Coat Alert

Epic Fashion Crime: Bikini Jeans

This is quite possibly the worst crime against human eyes I’ve yet to see.  This, folks, is dubbed the “bikini jean”.

I can confidently classify these barely covering bottom horrors as the most offensive piece of clothing I have ever seen!  Not only do they encourage the concept of your rear hanging out for all to see; but your UNDERwear as well.  Am I the last person in this world to consider undergarments as belonging under my clothing? Honestly!

To myself, these jeans broadcast that it’s alright to showcase my underwear because you’re going to end up seeing them anyways.  I can imagine prostitutes wearing these pants, as well as [sadly] young girls wanting to be noticed. Not surprisingly, these pants have caught on in Asia; but hell, you can buy used panties in vending machines.

If anyone tries to peg me as being too conservative, you can eat a pair of these.  My stance is having a standard of self respect is the better option that flaunting my ass to anyone with an eyeball.

Bikini Jeans

Shoot Me For Saying This, But I’m A Little Jealous Of Paula Abdul’s Jacket
December 12, 2008, 11:14 am
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I ordinarily would rather take a final ride in a pine box than state that I am envious of a certain American Idol judge’s wardrobe, but hey, it’s happened with the recent wearing of her red and navy band style jacket she wore to a recent taping of the Letterman show.

Band jackets are absolutely nothing new (as the Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper stint and Patrick Wolf have taught us), yet they have definitely started to regain marginal popularity for those brave enough to wear them.  I can assure you, wearing a jacket like this will ensure you are a walking conversation starter; I own an authentic band jacket from the 1940s and I always have strangers approaching me to ask about the jacket.

Balmain’s SS09 collection has some delectable band jacket interpretations that seem to be fairly close to the original mark; though you will be paying for the pleasure to wear them.  Look in your local vintage shops for authentic and more affordable band jackets.  You may have to take them to a tailor or do the job yourself (especially if they were sewn in the 80s!), but tailors are affordable.

I encourage you to experiment; there’s no such thing as a band geek in 2008.