French Connection And Their Kids Line

Don’t kid yourself (har, har)…this one isn’t for the faint of wallet.  FCUK has begun creating mini versions of some adult staples;  having pea coats, leather jackets and flapper dresses among them.  After all, what child should have to live without their very own dry clean only dress?

I would suggest these threads for your ankle biters only if you have an abundance of expendable cash, or send your laundry out; since most of the nicer pieces are dry clean only.  With dresses averaging out at $100 and jackets hovering at the $200 mark, these aren’t for thrifty parents.

Though I think we can all admit your kid will look pretty awesome if decked out in FCUK Kids, I can’t get past the fact that a similar jacket can be found at Superstore by Joe Fresh for $39.

French Connection And Their Kids Line

From left to right: Miller Leather jacket ($298), Kinicke Pea coat ($178), Starlight sequin dress ($108)


Christina Aguilera May Be Designing A Range For Topshop (Cue Resounding Lamentations)
December 29, 2008, 9:32 am
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Though this is indeed currently only a rumor, I will have to wonder what the *@^% Philip Green was smoking when he decided that it would be a fashionable choice to have Christina Aguilera “design” a range for mega Brit retailer Topshop.  Not only that, but he is willing to part with £4 million for

This woman is not known for her good taste; even if we conveniently forget the heinous “dirrty” phase she traded in for voluptuous motherhood; I don’t know one person that takes dressing moderately seriously that would want to have even an accessory inspired by this pop culture travesty.

Would you want to look like this whole lotta woman? I certainly hope not.

Christina Aguilera May Be Designing A Range For Topshop (Cue Resounding Lamentations)

Topshop’s Sale Begins Today
December 26, 2008, 8:57 am
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They aren’t calling it a “boxing” sale, but hey, we’ll [almost] take anything Topshop will give us.  The sale varies from piece to piece, but many good items are at 50% off.  Below are some of my picks for top buys; or check out the entire sale here.

Topshop's Sale Begins Today

From left to right: Can Can Frill Dress ($60; $60% off), Cardigan By Simone Shailes ($300; $210 off), Pencil Skirt by Boutique ($50; $60 off), High Waisted Sequin Trouser ($70; $65 off)

Topshop's Sale Begins Today

From left to right: Print Check Biker Jacket ($50; $60 off), Stripe Double Waistcoat ($30; $35 off), Slashed Velvet Jacket ($140; $120 off), Frill Neck Bomber Jacket ($60; $65 off),

I Hope You All Survived The Holidays
December 26, 2008, 8:26 am
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It’s over, and we all [hopefully] survived.  I hope your holidays were memorable and delicious.  Now dust off those holiday shoes and start preparing for New Years (it’s only five days from today!)

Awesome Motorcycle-esque Boots Ahoy

Awesome Motorcycle-esque Boots Ahoy

Let’s face facts, here: winter is not the time for heeled boots. In the spirit of not dressing like you’re about to hit the slopes, may I suggest the delightfully buckle and zipper laden Virgie boot by Aldo.

Think of it this way; these boots will go swimmingly with all the buffalo check you’ve purchased in the last month (or perhaps it’s just me?)

My Account Of An Unfortunate Zara Retail Experince
December 22, 2008, 11:22 am
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Everyone knows that the clothing retail industry is one of the most difficult jobs to have during the holiday season, and when I get dodgy service around this time of year I really try to look the other way.

Last evening I was in the Robson Street Zara store attempting to find my mother something for Christmas.  Of course I saw a million things for myself, an asymmetrical zipper buffalo check jacket being one of these items.  I saw a large sign above the rack screaming “30% off” at me, and that was the straw that broke the weakened sale camel’s back. I had to have it.

When I approach the woman to pay, I confirmed that the piece was indeed on sale as the rack identified, and I was told [in a very rude tone] that the jacket had been mis-stocked.  Even when I counter questioned about why there were multiples of the same jacket placed on the same rack, she told me I was mistaken.  After hearing this, she states that the jacket has already been marked down.  I told her that this was false advertising, and did not shine the store in a positive light.  She made it very clear that she couldn’t give less of a [expletive], and asked me if I wanted it or not.

Having bought four people’s entire gift range (at the cost of $250) at this store the previous week, I was thoroughly annoyed at the lack of customer service and the shopgirl’s problem solving skills.  I hear that this is a difficult time of year, but if it’s your job then f’ing deal with it or find another place of work.

Any prospective shoppers of this location, prepare yourself for this kind of treatment.

Obedient Sons Online Boutique Now Live
December 22, 2008, 10:07 am
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Great news for men everywhere; Obedient Sons have opened up online shop.

Their buying environment is very male friendly; their interface breaks down their pieces into prospective wearing opportinities and is fairly explanatory in that sense.  The site is currently very limited by selection; I assume this will change once they get the hang of this whole online retail thing.

I’m interested to see how they develop the concept of this store, and wonder if other menswear retailers will follow suit (pun fully intended).

Obedient Sons Online Boutique Now Live