There’s Going To Be Some Changes
January 4, 2009, 8:34 pm
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I’m back from the holiday break so posting will resume.  We’re also switching hosting and migrating all the posts, so things may look a little wonky for the next few days.


(212) Sample Sale on Jan 17 + 18th on East Pender In Vancouver
December 30, 2008, 2:56 pm
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(212) in Gastown is having a studio sample sale! This takes place on January 17th and 18th at 204-111 E. Pender Street (a different location than their boutique). This includes samples, clearance sale items and past season items still kicking around.

Unlike many sample sales, they will be accepting Visa and Mastercard along with cash.  Mark the date(s) on your calendar!

(212) Sample Sale on Jan 17 + 18th on East Pender In Vancouver

Spats Are An Emerging Footwear Trend For 2009

Yet another trend taken from the 18th century is set to gain momentum in 2009; this being spats.  The beauty of the spat is the leather can be attached to any current ankle boot or pump you already have, which instantly makes it into a shiny new piece of footwear with an entirely different look.

I’m not too fond of the gladiator style “Posso the Spat” look; many of these are far too Roman-esque for my tastes and not at all elegant.  The product shots below are from Hi Bandit; much more military like and traditional looking.

For those still wondering WTH is up with spats, a number of designers have been incorporating the spat concept into their footwear designs already, one being Gwen Stefani with her L.A.M.B. “Rosebury” ankle boot.  In reality, any side ankle boot has taken influence from the original spat design.

Try something new…you’ll likely be one of the only people on the block brave enough to pull these off!

Spats Are An Emerging Footwear Trend For 2009

An Affordable, Lovely Winter Coat By Hayden-Harnett

An Affordable, Lovely Winter Coat By Hayden-Harnett
I’m talking about the “Audrey” ; a twill overcoat with lambskin leather detailing. This coat has a dash of equestrian without being too over the top. To add to its appeal, the Audrey coat is on Hayden-Harnett’s sale docket; priced at $210.40 (from $526).

Hayden-Harnett designs have been featured on shows such as Gossip Girl, and they currently have a special line designed specially for Target on sale now [preview photos of the entire line]; though those pieces are strictly accessory based.

As If Christian Audigier Couldn’t Get Any Worse…
December 30, 2008, 9:59 am
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He got that scrawled on his back.  It’s as well designed as his pieces!

As If Christian Audigier Couldn't Get Any Worse...

Topshop Creates Givenchy Runway Jewelry Lookalike

After a four months’ wait, Topshop has come out with a lookalike multi strand chain necklace (with trademark charms of course) to give with Givenchy’s fans with less of a budget than $2k something to claw for.  This piece isn’t gold (the metal isn’t even identified; we’re only given “metal fiber”), but at savings of $1,915 I suppose we shouldn’t complain too loudly.

Topshop Creates Givenchy Runway Jewelry Lookalike

French Connection And Their Kids Line

Don’t kid yourself (har, har)…this one isn’t for the faint of wallet.  FCUK has begun creating mini versions of some adult staples;  having pea coats, leather jackets and flapper dresses among them.  After all, what child should have to live without their very own dry clean only dress?

I would suggest these threads for your ankle biters only if you have an abundance of expendable cash, or send your laundry out; since most of the nicer pieces are dry clean only.  With dresses averaging out at $100 and jackets hovering at the $200 mark, these aren’t for thrifty parents.

Though I think we can all admit your kid will look pretty awesome if decked out in FCUK Kids, I can’t get past the fact that a similar jacket can be found at Superstore by Joe Fresh for $39.

French Connection And Their Kids Line

From left to right: Miller Leather jacket ($298), Kinicke Pea coat ($178), Starlight sequin dress ($108)