French Connection And Their Kids Line

Don’t kid yourself (har, har)…this one isn’t for the faint of wallet.  FCUK has begun creating mini versions of some adult staples;  having pea coats, leather jackets and flapper dresses among them.  After all, what child should have to live without their very own dry clean only dress?

I would suggest these threads for your ankle biters only if you have an abundance of expendable cash, or send your laundry out; since most of the nicer pieces are dry clean only.  With dresses averaging out at $100 and jackets hovering at the $200 mark, these aren’t for thrifty parents.

Though I think we can all admit your kid will look pretty awesome if decked out in FCUK Kids, I can’t get past the fact that a similar jacket can be found at Superstore by Joe Fresh for $39.

French Connection And Their Kids Line

From left to right: Miller Leather jacket ($298), Kinicke Pea coat ($178), Starlight sequin dress ($108)


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As long as they don’t scrawl FCUK across the front. The yellow jacket is cute, but I can see chocolate cupcake smeared all over it.

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