My Account Of An Unfortunate Zara Retail Experince
December 22, 2008, 11:22 am
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Everyone knows that the clothing retail industry is one of the most difficult jobs to have during the holiday season, and when I get dodgy service around this time of year I really try to look the other way.

Last evening I was in the Robson Street Zara store attempting to find my mother something for Christmas.  Of course I saw a million things for myself, an asymmetrical zipper buffalo check jacket being one of these items.  I saw a large sign above the rack screaming “30% off” at me, and that was the straw that broke the weakened sale camel’s back. I had to have it.

When I approach the woman to pay, I confirmed that the piece was indeed on sale as the rack identified, and I was told [in a very rude tone] that the jacket had been mis-stocked.  Even when I counter questioned about why there were multiples of the same jacket placed on the same rack, she told me I was mistaken.  After hearing this, she states that the jacket has already been marked down.  I told her that this was false advertising, and did not shine the store in a positive light.  She made it very clear that she couldn’t give less of a [expletive], and asked me if I wanted it or not.

Having bought four people’s entire gift range (at the cost of $250) at this store the previous week, I was thoroughly annoyed at the lack of customer service and the shopgirl’s problem solving skills.  I hear that this is a difficult time of year, but if it’s your job then f’ing deal with it or find another place of work.

Any prospective shoppers of this location, prepare yourself for this kind of treatment.


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yeah i was in there sometime last week and there was a jacket on a mannequin that i wanted but they refused to sell it to me, saying that they dont sell the mannequin’s clothes. i used to work in retail (club monaco) and i found this extremely ridiculous.

i bet the girl was just too lazy/busy to do it 😦

Comment by john

I agree…it’s B.S. as far as I’m concerned.

Comment by Victoria Potter

Zara can’t afford to pay their sales people to care: if they did, you wouldn’t shop there. Go try Holts?

Comment by Jared

@Jared: Just because someone isn’t paid $20 an hour doesn’t mean they should get away with not not providing basic customer service. I’ve had better experiences at H&M for Christ’s sake; if anyone would have nonchalant employees, I would assume it would be that store.

Comment by Victoria Potter

I went to Zara for the first time. I found all the signage distracting as hell and too many different items. Also, where’s the bowties?

Comment by Lee Frank

@Lee: I agree, they have a complete and unacceptable lack of bow ties!

Comment by Victoria Potter

@Lee: the bow ties are in a glass case, upstairs. all two of them. and ditto on the signage…

Comment by christian

Zara does all of their own manufacturing, which is why they can afford to sell at extremely low prices. It is almost bargain basement hunting to shop here -just bag your score & run. I have always receive the best of service at Zara although the low costs really do make up for any lack in this arena.

Comment by fashionbob

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