Suddenly It Isn’t Hip To Be Hip
December 17, 2008, 1:26 pm
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What happened here? With the publication of the Adbusters article on hipsters personifying the decline of Western civilization (which in itself is funny since I can think of a load of things worse) there has been a landslide of clone articles by like minding nay sayers regarding the world of the hipster.

I’m up to defend the concept of the hipster, I’m simply reminding you that every subculture is just as irritating and irreverent (yes, that includes the hip hop kids, granolas, goths, punks etc) as hipsters. They’re excessive consumers, but what young crowd isn’t these days?

Using corporate success (such as American Apparel’s) isn’t a valid basis for criticism of one group only, while ignoring others that have committed identical “offenses”.

Let’s quit the hipster hate on.

Let them wear their skinny jeans, 80s kicks and lamé, and ignore it if you hate it so much. I’m certainly not a fan of every crowd’s clothing or lifestyle purchases, but I’m not spouting off about it…let’s move on!

Suddenly It Isn't Hip To Be Hip

Polaroid by Victoria Potter


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adbusters is the worst magazine

Comment by quentin

What is a granola? I tried to start wearing skinny jeans; I need to add more skinny to myself.

Comment by Lee

@Lee: That’s my term for hippie/extreme nature lovers.

Comment by Victoria Potter

ahhh. i heart polaroid photos.
speaking of which, last year, my friends bought me a whole book of “found polariod photos” from urban outfitters.

Comment by vanessa

AGREED!! They should lay of the Haterade! whiners much.

Comment by mookie

I rather like that there is a new little subculture that hasn’t been around for the last 50 years. Like hippies and punks have been around for a while, whereas hipsters are a new thing. I always wondered what the 2000’s would be known for or if they would have something that would define them from all the other decades–now they do! Huzzah!

Comment by Maria

I just wish the people who worked at American Apparel actually gave customers the time of day instead of ignoring me because I’m not super hip(ster).

Comment by Loxy

@Loxy: Yeah, that’s super lame but unfortunately expected in that place.

Comment by Victoria Potter

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