How To Look Good While Battling Snow (For Men)
December 17, 2008, 11:59 am
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I figured this would be appropriate subject matter with the first sprinkling of the heinous white stuff in Vancouver this year.  This isn’t a how-to on dressing for the ski hills; this is more of a city man’s survival guide to still appearing stylish while actually keeping warm during cold snaps.

  • Layering is key. If there was ever a time of year when multiple pieces needed to be worn simultaneously this would be it.  Try wearing a thin thermal first layer, and building over that to maximize heat retention without looking bulky.
  • Discard thin, unnatural fabrics that can irritate skin in cold weather.  Whatever you wear will be rubbing against you, so it really makes no sense to wear an irritant.  Layer with thick cotton button down shirts and cashmere sweaters to keep the cold out and your skin happy.
  • Grab a pair of streamline designed snow boots. Try to avoid a clunky ski boot design; the less bulk the better, especially if you are trekking within the city.
  • Don’t be afraid of flannel. Flannel may have had a bad rap in the past (I’m looking at you, Tool Time); but if you can get a well colored plaid or check shirt design with a modern cut, you can avoid looking as if you skipped to work in your PJs.
  • Cover your head. If your headgear (toque, beanie, ushanka, etc) has ear flaps, that’s even better; but as long as your hat can be pulled over your ears you’re golden; there is nothing more painful than nippy ears while you’re getting from Point A to B!
  • Scarves are essential. They cover your neck and mouth and even if you think your jacket’s collar will protect you from the elements, it won’t.  Don’t forget to wrap a very soft scarf around your neck!
  • Go for the thickest socks you have. Cold is unforgiving and it definitely doesn’t care if your new print socks look the best; it will chill right through them.  Get a few pairs of thick wool socks and even try layering two pairs if you’re in for lots of walking in a barren snow wasteland.

Good luck out there, and drivers: slow the *@^% down!

How To Look Good While Battling Snow (For Men)

From left to right: Dustin Plaid Flannel Shirt ($24; Forever 21), Long-Sleeve thermal fatigue ($40; Eddie Bauer), Harrison stripe cashmere sweater ($160; Bluefly)

How To Look Good While Battling Snow (For Men)

From left to right: Cropped duffel coat ($ ;Topman), Kashmere red buffalo plaid cashmere scarf ($90; Bluefly), Aglo snow boot ($100; Aldo), Portolano black leather gloves ($96; Bluefly)


From left to right: Mega bobble beanie ($24; Topman), Striped turnback beanie ($29; Banana Republic), Thick thin stripe Sock ($10; Kenneth Cole), Paul Smith wooly striped socks ($38; eLuxury)


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