Affordable Children’s Clothes… At Superstore?

Yea, I was kind of shocked as well, but Joe Fresh has proven me wrong yet again. As I was perusing through the women’s section for myself, I realized I have another cousin just birthed that I need to gift so I migrated over to the terrifying world of children’s clothing. I was mildly shocked that most of the items for youngins and super youngins were decently designed and appropriately priced.

I found one a blush colored long sleeved shirt with a flappy thing at the bottom (apparently they’re supposed to have that) for $5 that has “milk lover” (or something close to that effect) written over it in French for $5. They had a decent assortment of these things, and matching bottoms ran for $8 each.

Some other girly items of note were bubble skirts (printed and solid) for $14, jeans for $14 and tights for $5. I hear tell kids wear out their things mighty fast (I know I did), so I daresay prices like these would be reasonable to child manners.

As for the boys, I found a Kurt Cobain type red and black button up plaid shirt for $10; a super steal. The shirt was soft, and was thick enough to be worn without an undershirt…I was impressed!

The boy’s pricing for denim and shirts were within the same ranges as girls’; $10-14 per piece. The stuff seemed pretty trendy as well; I know I have a hard time finding buffalo check shirts so having them in pint sizes is pretty awesome. I’m still no lover of the young, but at least this way one can afford to keep them looking presentable.

Affordable Children's Clothes... At Superstore?


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I actually like some of their kids clothes, although I don’t find they have a huge selection for girls ages 9-14.

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