Spice Things Up With Opposites

In a season of predictable sweaters and slacks or dresses and heels, there are easy things you can do to give yourself some visual spice without having to buy anything new.

Essentially we’re going to rip a page from the George Costanza play book and do the opposite. If you’re wearing a very feminine dress and tights; put on some work boots and and a check pattern jacket, or alternatively add lighter accessories and more delicate colors if you have an extremely masculine look.

Generally, one can do this at little or no cost since thrift shops are prime treasure hunting grounds for pieces you may not already have. Vintage gives you an authentic yet individualistic look; and assures that not every X or Y in your neighborhood will have the exact same thing on.

Some easy methods to do this:

  • Play with colors and patterns. Play with traditional assumptions regarding fabrics and patterns; fabrics covered in polka dots and outfits with embellishments and un-collared or deeper v-neck cuts are traditionally less masculine and would therefore play well with mixing a look.
  • Use hard and soft visuals. A delicate dress and a pair of work boots can balance a feminine silhouette or an a-line dress. Be warned that this is a very casual look; you won’t want to be wearing a combination like this to anything even semi formal.
  • Play with accessories. For those not wanting to make loud statements, accessories are always options. Adding a silk or knit scarf, a more subtle watch or a necklace can give a light effect of opposites without the glaring obviousness of it all.

Spice Things Up And Do The Opposite

From left to right: Organic jersey scarf ($60; La Garçonne), L&A v-neck t-shirt ($60; Barneys), Dr Martens Croc patent boot ($145; Topshop), Antik Batik Sequined mini dress ($745; Net-A-Porter), Comme des Garçons for H&M t-shirt


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Flannel and pearls for me today.

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