The Question Of The Sandal Boot
December 12, 2008, 10:07 am
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Sandal boots seem like an elaborate pump.  To me, having a “boot” with less material covering the foot than a traditional ankle boot design makes them pumps, or flats; definitely not boots.  Because of the simple add ons and the new naming convention, I suspect this is just a new way to get people interested in a design that has already been done for decades under the label of a pump.

I have nothing against these designs whatsoever, I simply think this is a borderline hilarious marketing ploy to sell shoes to people who just can’t be without the newest fad.  Call a pump a pump, people.  That is all.

The Question Of The Sandal Boot

From left to right: Rex sandal boot ($145; Topshop), Jessica Bennett Jilt platform sandal ($144; Endless), Davis By Ruthie Davis pixel boot ($785; Endless)

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you know, i’m starting to see these more and more (especially during night hours). I think they’re trendy…but not smart. Toes don’t make the shoe look any more or less sophisticated — in my humble opinion.


Comment by gunner6ixx

I hate asking stupid questions but, since you post so much stuff from “topman”, do they actually ship to canada?

Comment by Marco

@Marco: I’ve explained this a few times already, but it’s fine. They accept PayPal, so pay using that method and get the package shipped to a shipping receiver in the US. This only works if you live close to the border, but since most cities are close enough you’re probably in luck.

Comment by Victoria Potter

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