Shoot Me For Saying This, But I’m A Little Jealous Of Paula Abdul’s Jacket
December 12, 2008, 11:14 am
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I ordinarily would rather take a final ride in a pine box than state that I am envious of a certain American Idol judge’s wardrobe, but hey, it’s happened with the recent wearing of her red and navy band style jacket she wore to a recent taping of the Letterman show.

Band jackets are absolutely nothing new (as the Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper stint and Patrick Wolf have taught us), yet they have definitely started to regain marginal popularity for those brave enough to wear them.  I can assure you, wearing a jacket like this will ensure you are a walking conversation starter; I own an authentic band jacket from the 1940s and I always have strangers approaching me to ask about the jacket.

Balmain’s SS09 collection has some delectable band jacket interpretations that seem to be fairly close to the original mark; though you will be paying for the pleasure to wear them.  Look in your local vintage shops for authentic and more affordable band jackets.  You may have to take them to a tailor or do the job yourself (especially if they were sewn in the 80s!), but tailors are affordable.

I encourage you to experiment; there’s no such thing as a band geek in 2008.



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