Holy Florals, Batman!

It’s official, old lady floral prints are back in action.  Be to be very careful as to how you wear this trend; keep your cuts modern and fitted and avoid extra large patterns that will make you look like a china vase.  Keep things colorful yet not contrasting; this is one look that you can’t have competing patterns worn at once!

Holy Florals, Batman!

From left to right: Floral tulip skirt ($80; Topshop), Contrast Floral satin top ($15; Forever 21), Mayle Mitsuko top ($425; La Garçonne), Diane von Furstenberg  silk scarf ($116; Bloomingdale’s)


For a more subtle additions if you aren’t into having a bold statement on an entire piece, try accessory effects instead.  Floral print wallets, jewelry, hair accessories and even sunglasses are being designed with you in mind. These will not be as clearly trendy as a whole piece, but it will require substantially less of a daring mental state.

Holy Florals, Batman!

From left to right: Hobo International ‘Martine’ double frame ($128; Nordstrom), Floral Etched bangle ($4; Charlotte Russe), Floral brooch ($9; Spiegel), Understated Blooms hat ($38; Anthropologie)


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