The Most Creative Heels Of 2008

Though the Chanel light bulb shoes are technically for SS09, I figure since they were released in 2008 that they still count.

One must commend these designers for keeping things creative and interesting (though perhaps not economically profitable) on the runways; I’m sure if we didn’t have these tid bits thrown at us to confuse every now and again the fashion world would become quite dull.

Though I can’t say I would ever wear Prada or Marc’s designs, I have to admit a soft spot for Chanel’s light bulb and gun shoe model.  Though they are intensely ridiculous and overpriced, they are just sassy enough and still within the realm of possible to wear with an outfit.

What do you think of the shoe runway world’s “Big Three”?

The Most Creative Heels Of 2008

From left to right: Prada SS08 Runway flower heels ($790), Chanel SS09 runway gun heels ($2,200), Marc Jacobs runway misplaced heel ($545)


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i think i just threw up in my mouth a little

Comment by jen k.

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