demiCouture’s Top Heels Of 2008

I’ve broken down my list of top five into 5 categories to keep things interesting. Since there isn’t a great amount of variance in the different styles of shoes (aside from the “Big Three” previously discussed), there will be one revered mention within each category.



“Alti” Pumps by Christian Louboutin

The Top 5 Heels Of 2008

Why we covet this shoe: Without the risk of sounding completely silly, I can confidently say that these are the most perfectly designed pumps I have seen in my life; they are simple, classic and bold. Plain, yes, but that only gives them a closet life that will far exceed the average pump. The 6 inch heel is powerful, yet the 1 1/2 inch double platform does its best to take away some of the wearer’s pain without subtracting from its appearance.

Having the shoe strapless adds to its classic appearance; I could imagine daring women from any recent generation wearing this pump with absolute pride and confidence. The $825 price tag is as intimidating as you will look while wearing these babies, though quality craftsmanship demands a price (them being Louboutins can’t hurt, either).

Where to find them: Net-A-Porter, Barneys, Neiman Marcus and Holt Renfrew.



“Outta The Frying Pan” Pump by Seychelles

The Top 5 Heels Of 2008

Why we covet this shoe: I can’t get enough of tapered block heels for both their comfort and long wearability. The block heel has seen quite a comeback in 2008 (though while I was in London in the summer of ’07 these were already on all the shelves).

These shoes are comfortable with a 3 1/2 inch block heel, and are classically designed to be [admittedly] slightly on the plain side, but the heel speaks volumes when embellishments do not. The shaping cut along the outside of the shoe keeps the design up to date and out of your grandma’s closet; and the teal coloring only clinches its place on a modern woman’s foot. You won’t be looking “church lady” in these heels, I promise you.

Where to find them: Endless Shoes, Urban Outfitters, or Nordstrom.



Glossy “Gem” Pumps by Jimmy Choo

The Top 5 Heels Of 2008

Why we covet this shoe: There are many things to love about this shoe other than its Choo family name; one being the Gem does its best to make up for the hardship of walking in a thin heel with a hidden platform; effectively cutting the wearer’s arch by ¾ of an inch.

Black is always a best bet for expensive footwear when we can’t necessarily afford multiple pairs; and patent leather assures you still have the “wow” factor, versatility and longevity at the same time. The double strap Mary Jane design is not only practical but a hot look for this year, and the two studs give a subtle glam rock star-like look that is still low key enough to allow these pumps to be worn with any outfit without risking visual overkill.

Where to find them: Anywhere luxury shoes can be found; Bluefly, Holt Renfrew or Neiman Marcus are the most likely.



Color Block Pumps by Sergio Rossi

demiCouture's Top Heels Of 2008

Why we covet this shoe: These pumps manage to combine six fairly bold colors (including that blazing magenta!) without having you looking like you just stepped out of a clown car.  These color block pumps are a splendid and easy way to add a jolt of color to what may have been an otherwise lifeless visual.

The thin block heel gives you a stable heel to walk in, and the nude coloring of the shoe base sets it apart from the rest of the shoe’s striping without looking garish.  The only down point for shoes like these are that they demand a more subtle rest of an outfit since they are so loud; if you want to bring attention to any other pieces then these are definitely not the shoes to be working with.

Where to find them: Net-A-Porter, Zappos



Mirror Embellished Ankle Boots by Giuseppe Zanotti

demiCouture's Top Heels Of 2008

Why: These ankle boots are the quintessential party shoes; they bring the disco on your heels! If one is to pay luxury footwear’s pricing (that being $990 for this pair), you expect some killer detailing. These boots deliver; aside from the disco-esque mosaic design on the heel, there are rainbow crystals carefully attached to the very bottom of the heel.

The patent leather works in away that it does not take away from the effect of the heel embellishments; but enhances it. The black leather body is aggressive enough to be taken seriously, and the heel balances this effect well. This boot is well designed, and holds its own; a true treasure for anyone who can actually afford it.

Where to find them: Net-A-Porter



“Wallis” Patent Leather Wedge by Christian Louboutin

demiCouture's Top Heels Of 2008

Why: The are precious few wedges that I am willing to endorse, but the wood wedge in combination with the dark teal patent leather is very likable.  Not only that, but the shaping of the wedge narrows as it gets farther to the back of the shoe, mimicking the look of a real heel. The blue patent leather’s shade bodes well visually with the wood block color, and gives a grounded effect to anything creative one may wear with these wedges.

Wedges are comfortable and more stable to wear, though they are lessening in popularity.  I personally think we have seen the last of the latest resurgence of wedges on the runways for a good while.

Where to find them: Bluefly


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There is no doubt in my mind that CL is the worlds best shoe designer. Remember when people used to worship Manolo Blahnik because Carrie Bradshaw did… Phh now I hardly ever see MB put out a breathtaking shoe and I hear even less talk about Blahnik now. Everyone knows to save up a bit more money to go Louboutin and never go back.

Comment by isitvogue

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