Working In Polka Dots

Work a bit of 50s essence back into your look with polka dots. Various designers are fans including Rei Kawakubo; her collaboration with H&M was a great testament of her enjoyment of the spot!

Dots are a great way to add visual textures to an outfit if you’re trying to stray from stripes and plaids. Try layering different polka dot pieces upon each other, along with solids for a very distinct look. Some bits to keep in mind while considering the spot:

  • Don’t go with fabric patterns of spots that gradually change in shape; this is a tacky and unflattering pattern that must be avoided!
  • Polka dots don’t have to be a dot on a solid color; having spots layered over a textured fabric, or dot patterns that experiment with colors and patterns is a more exotic approach to the old school pattern.
  • Subtle effects are sometimes better; sometimes the effect of having an almost unnoticeable dot is best your spotty piece won’t be the boldest thing you wear.
  • Your dots can be as large (or as tiny) as you see fit. Nobody said your spots had to be comically sized! If you’re not into having large, distinct patterns on your pieces, then opt for the mini version.
  • A cheaper alternative to buying a main piece is getting the tights version! You get more character there, as well.


Working In Polka Dots

From left to right: Sequin polka bandeau dress ($170; Topshop), Paul Smith polka dot shirt (£132; My Wardrobe), Polka shirt ($35; French Connection), Moschino Cheap & Chic Polka dot pencil skirt ($605; Net-A-Porter), Dapper Danielle capelet ($128; Anthropologie)



Working In Polka Dots

There is no reason why the boys have to be left out of this one; spots are flattering on any gender as long as you have the confidence to pull them off (and a look that suits them, of course!).  Men have the luxury of the spotty accessory; neck ties, bow ties, cuff links and socks are great options to add some flavor to your otherwise solid colored selections.

From left to right: Black spotted polo shirt ($28; Topman), Paul Smith Polka dot tie ($160; eLuxury), Polka dot socks ($6; Topman),  John Hardy Dot Silver cuff links ($250; Neiman Marcus)


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