How To Build The Perfect New Years Outfit – Male Edition

New Years is coming, and if you’re like most people I know; you’re planning to party hard and look damn good in the process. May I present the men’s list!


Men, we want to be dapper and stylish, but not too stiff (you’re going to be at a party after all!). Avoid suits which give off a posh air, and keep things coordinated in colors, patterns and textures. Depending on how formal your event is, try anything from a leather motorcycle jacket and tie to a proper smoking jacket or trench.

  • Go for something fitted just right. Don’t keep wearing that same old massive jacket from 5 years ago, get something new and have it tailored to fit you like a glove. For those who aren’t familiar with the tailoring price world, it’s really not that expensive. Check out a list of the best tailors in Vancouver here.
  • Get a jacket the appropriate length for your height. Regardless if you’re 5’5 or 6’2, you want to have an appropriately sized jacket. Having something over (or under) sized is automatically very comical, and neither gender will take you seriously if you’re wearing something that goofy.


From left to right: Premium charcoal overcoat ($220; Topman), A.P.C. narrow jacket ($435; Tobi), Forzieri italian leather motorcycle jacket ($765; Forzieri), Dsquared2 tuxedo jacket w/ chain mail trim ($1,199; eLuxury)



Don’t go for solids, these kinds of gatherings should allow your creativity to maximize. Try experimenting with a pattern shirt and a pattern tie, though don’t allow things to get too bold or out of control. If you’re going for a bold patterned shirt, choose a thin tie in a complimentary color and have its pattern submissive to the shirts’. You definitely don’t want a clown-type visual with pieces fighting for attention, this will allow you to avoid it.

If you’re going for a pattern that is traditionally thought of as casual (such as a check or plaid), counteract this with a tailored suit jacket, cuff links and a thin tie (perhaps shiny black silk); this will give your outfit an edge while still staying appropriate.


From left to right: Upper polka dot shirt ($70; Topman), Paul Smith diamond shirt ($196; eLuxury), Modern Amusement mulberry shirt ($115; Mulbery), Marc by Marc Jacobs grey dot leaf pintuck button shirt ($119; Bluefly)



It goes without saying that a modern cut for the trouser is a thin cut. Interpret this how you want (be it super skinny or just a straight leg), but understand one thing: nothing says faculty gramps more like a wide leg trouser pant.

  • Don’t get too intense with patterns and colors for your trousers. We all know how Don Cherry looks after he gets all pant pattern crazy – it’s just one of the fantastic reasons to practice restraint.
  • If you’re trouble getting a pant that fits how you want, get a wider cut and have them tailored. This option saves money (since wider cuts are usually on sale), and then you get a custom pair of trousers! Tailors are an affordable and viable option, and are most recommended.
  • If your event isn’t top notch fancy, try a dark indigo or black wash pair of jeans. The same cut rules apply; keep it as thin as you’re comfortable with.


From left to right: Charcoal super skinny trousers ($50; Topman), Converse by John Varvatos skinny pant ($165; Urban Outfitters), Nudie Jeans Slim Jim denim in dry black ($176; Tobi), Gucci black stretch skinny leg jeans ($396; Bluefly)



Ties are a must, but a bow tie is even better. Bow ties are a more daring choice since they are the lesser recognized choice for modern semi formal dressing, and you’ll be noticed for your bold choice. If you aren’t quite ready for the bow tie, a leather tie may possibly be something to try. You’ll have to truly step up your game to pull something like this off, but the rewards are being the style guru of the evening. Worth the risk? I think so!

If the previous options are too scary, then stick with the fail-safe skinny pattern tie. It’s up to date, and guaranteed dapper.

  • If you’re up for a bow tie, try to get one you tie yourself. The effort is appreciated and noticed, believe me.
  • When tying your tie, go for a knot that dimples the tie. Come on, all the philanthropists are doing it.

How To Build The Perfect New Years Outfit - Male Edition

From left to right: Black premium self bow tie ($30; Topman), Band of Outsiders Velvet bow tie ($115; eLuxury), Black leather tie ($24; Topman), U-NI-TY polka dot skinny tie ($119; S|Sense),



A perfect, smart looking shoe is the icing on the cupcake of a perfect outfit. If you’re wearing a soiled or scuffed shoe with the most splendid of outfit, it will be sullied; so footwear is still a very important step!

  • Don’t wear anything with a square toe. Square toes look cheap, and out dated; pass them by!
  • Go light. Pick a streamlined leather shoe and avoid anything with layers upon layers of leather or that have a clunky looking design.
  • Avoid suede. This should be a no brainer (especially for West Coasters). Suede damages so easily in damp weather, and looks horrible when wet.
  • Boot it. If you’re tired of the plain ‘ol lace up game, try a thin boot instead. Make sure it’s nothing too utilitarian; you don’t want to be mistaken for an off duty worker who quickly slipped into their formal gear.


From left to right: Fly London oxford ($250; Endless), Black patent oxford ($90; Topman), Laceless Ankle Boot ($249; Barneys), Energie Nastur Black Boots ($259; S|Sense)



Keep your accessory load light; whittle things down to a watch, cuff links, a belt and/or suspenders, and possibly a hat. Exercise your discretion when choosing a hat though, I’ve seen too many fellows swaggering down the street in their fedoras, thinking they’re the cat’s pajamas (it was far from the case). Ask for opinions before buying or wearing a hat; not every outfit calls for one, and not every person fits the look of a hat.

  • If your shirt and tie patterns are bold, keep your cuff links gentle. Go for a plain silver if you already have a pattern influence. If not, select a stripe or simple design but do not wear any novelty cuff links!
  • Make sure your hat is a quality one. If you’re springing for a hat, make sure you spend a few extra dollars on a hat of high quality. Floppy felt versus fabric of better quality definitely shows right away.
  • How To Build The Perfect New Years Outfit - Male Edition

From left to right: Simon-Carter Black Chequer Argyle Cuff link ($38; My Wardrobe), Christys’ duck fedora ($68; Kitson), Acne suspenders ($49; eLuxury)


The most important part is to have fun and be safe this holiday.

Operation Red Nose will get you home safe after a night of partying. Don’t take the chance and drive home when it’s not safe…that’s why groups like these exist!


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Ah see now here’s where I’m a bit hesitant. I would love nothing more then to break out my leather jacket for an upcoming holiday party. But I also plan on making my first honest attempt at a bow tie. Can these two pieces really coexist in the same outfit? I could just as easily wear a more classic pea coat, but I would rather take a chance if it is a viable option.

Comment by Julian

@Julian: Absolutely! I do it all the time, honestly. Just pick a button-up shirt that isn’t too bold and everything will mesh well.

Comment by Victoria Potter

Thank you for helping the ill-dressed man. More dudes should read this…

@ Julian: the bow tie, leather jacket combo is so rad right now.

Comment by Christian

@Christian: I’m glad you enjoyed it. Please feel free to pass along to the needy 🙂

Comment by Victoria Potter

I’m hoping you’ll like what I’ll be wearing. Only problem – hat won’t be happening. I just had a really short almost buzzcut haircut and I need to show it off.

Comment by Raul

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