How To Build The Perfect New Years Outfit – Female Edition

New Years is coming, and if you’re like most people I know; you’re planning to party hard and look damn good in the process. There are a few things you can do to to make the evening go down without issue; we’ll discuss below.


Even I can admit that New Years is one of those ‘I probably should wear a dress’ holidays, so we’re forgo the ‘proper pants’ discussion this time. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t go for strapless. If you’re avidly celebrating (to say the least), you’ll be moving. If you want to avoid giving every party person a sneak peek of the girls, make sure you’re opting for a strapped dress. If you want to shake up your look from the norm, try a one shoulder dress that will still give you that accident insurance.
  • Wear something with a decent length. Make sure all your bits are covered, fellow party goers don’t need that kind of an up skirt sneak preview.
  • Wear your freaking undies. Don’t pull a Paris or a Britney, that is all.

How To Build The Perfect New Years Outfit - Female Edition

From left to right: Pintuck dress ($80; Topshop), T-Bags Jacquard mini dress ($335; Net-A-Porter), Opening Ceremony open back dress ($391; La Garçonne), Alix abacus dress ($120; French Connection), 3.1 Phillip Lim Backless mini dress ($507; Net-A-Porter)



For those who must have heels, try to go with a bit of a platform as to minimize pain later on in the night. Hidden platform shoes are heightening in popularity (pun fully intended), so you can look like you’re experiencing all the pain when things really aren’t so terrible. Items to keep in mind:

  • Stilettos may look deadly, and they are. If you’re planning on walking to your venue (or even from a cab up the road), you may want to consider a more solid block heeled shoe. These may not look as Bond girl, but you won’t fall on your rear (and there’s nothing attractive about that).
  • Try to opt for straps. You can get creative, but I would suggest opting for straps to keep the shoe on your foot, versus none.
  • No strappy sandals! It’s the middle of winter, people… strappy sandals are out. Don’t look a fool in that fantastic winter party ensemble; banish the sandals to your closet for warmer nights.


How To Build The Perfect New Years Outfit - Female Edition

From left to right: Ring Crystal heel ($135; Topshop), Modern Vintage “Zorba” pum ($177; Bluefly), Robertson silver “Athena” Peep toe heel ($173; Kitson), Jefferey Cambell multi strap heel ($47; Kitson),


How To Build The Perfect New Years Outfit - Female Edition

From left to right: Lanvin Metallic ballet flat ($540; Barneys), Krispi pointed toe lace shoe ($90; Topshop), F-Troupe snake ballet flat ($147; La Garçonne), Just for Jildor flat ($121; Jildor)



If you’re going reasonably plain or monochrome with your main piece, feel free to shake things up and get some fun shapes and cuts over top. Since it is Winter, go for sleeves and a jacket with reasonable substance to avoid chilling to death (nothing paper thin!)

How To Build The Perfect New Years Outfit - Female Edition

From left to right: Cinched tails jacket ($135; Topshop), Slashed velvet jacket ($260; Topshop), Twenty8Twelve “Gillian” leather jacket ($608; My Wardrobe), Burberry Prorsum stamped leather jacket ($3,595; Net-A-Porter)



Keep your bag as a simple clutch, and jewelry to a minimum. If you’re looking to have an intense look, have your clothing play the part of the attention grabber during a high octane holiday party; not your jewelery. Instead of bangles, go for metal cuffs; in place of small rings, wear one large cocktail ring. It’s about quantity, not quality!

As for your hands, I would suggest going gloved, but that’s really depending on the detail of your outerwear and dress (and if you are wearing a ring, of course). If you are going to wear gloves, stick with leather. Knits are far too casual for a night on the town!

How To Build The Perfect New Years Outfit - Female Edition

From left to right: Hobo International ‘Lena’ clutch ($178; Nordstrom), Cc Skye Stud Cuff ($325; Ron Herman), Gold Ring w/ black stone ($35; Kenneth Cole)


The most important part is to have fun and be safe this holiday.

Operation Red Nose will get you home safe after a night of partying. Don’t take the chance and drive home when it’s not safe…that’s why groups like these exist!


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