We Need Ideas For A Northern Voice 2009 Fashion Panel!
December 3, 2008, 4:19 pm
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Fellow Vancouver fashion bloggers Terri of The Conveyor Belt, Shallom of Stylefinds and I are banding together to possibly create a fashion panel for annual fun-tastic blogging conference Northern Voice 2009.

Here’s the question:

Do you have any requests for us to discuss? Is there anything that has been picking at your style-crossed mind lately?

Please comment below and let us know what’s up in your world, we want to know! Your suggestions are what we’re basing our panel application on what you guys say, so let it fly! We need your ideas by December 10th or sooner.


Below are some of my favorite moments from last year’s Northern Voice:



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Might I suggest a “Fashion for Geeks” tutorial, of sorts?

While we’re not always willing to admit it, and it’s rarely a priority, us nerds could really use some help dressing ourselves. I think if you promised that during the span of your talk you could deliver on “what not to wear” and “what you should buy each season,” specific to nerd boys,you’d get a great turnout.

Comment by Jordan Behan

Sounds great…I’d be down with it!

Comment by Victoria Potter

I concur with Jordan. I’d be happy to join the panel (even if I don’t blog about fashion, but simply b/c I think I’m a decently fashionable male geek! – regardless of whether I join, I am happy just to attend your panel!)

Comment by Raul

Ha ha, Fashion for Geeks. Love it. “When to pop your collar,” “Glasses can be sexy,” and “How to buy the right Polo shirt” could all points of discussion.

Comment by Terri Potratz

I’d come to this panel topic fer sure! Sounds like it would be great fun to get geeky fashion tips!

Comment by Phaedra

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