New Louis Vuitton Collection Honours Stephen Sprouse
December 2, 2008, 2:12 pm
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Stephen Sprouse may be gone to another dimension years ago, but his spirit lives on through the newest Louis Vuitton collection thanks to the creative mind of Marc Jacobs.

The collection mirrors what the LV label is best at: taking their basic monogram prints on already tested and true pieces and adding images over top.  With Sprouse inspired neon graffiti style brand clinching writing over scarves and bags (as well as creating the unique bracelets as seen below), the house of LV is hoping to clinch another spot on the ‘must have’ lists of the affluent (who else could afford a $1,200 bracelet?!)

I have to admit that though I think the bags and scarves are hideous, the bracelets below make me wish I had three grand to throw around; those would be the perfect party bangles!

New Louis Vuitton Collection Honours Stephen Sprouse, Creates Nifty Cuff Bracelets


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I really liked the Stephen Sprouse collaboration with Vuitton when it first came out; the idea of a streetwear designer “tagging” the Monogram canvas print was subversive and fresh at the time.

It seems kind of ironic for Vuitton now to be doing this line. Paying $1200 for a graffiti bracelet now is a bit overindulgent and a little crass for this time.

Comment by emmy

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