Fashion Crimes: Jean Print Leggings

Jean Print LeggingsHere is an example of one truly unnecessary item. With denim these days being vacuum pack tight, there is no need for hawking a legging in this design! The problems stemming from this piece are numerous; among which they encourage leggings being worn as pants (which is a cardinal legging sin in my book).

At $36 for a piece of viscose and elastine printed to look like a legitimate pair of pants, spend the extra $40 (that’s all it takes to buy a pair of jeans at Topshop anyways) and get a real pair of pants that will cover your butt and not make people cringe when they walk past you. Besides, unless you have a stripper rear that one could bounce quarters off, why the &*#^ would you want to have such a thin layer of fabric covering your butt? That is one of the most unflattering looks for women out there.

The bottom line is this: ignore these pant imposters like they’re the bubonic plague.


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