Take That Outfit And Make It Better: Pixie Geldof At The British Fashion Awards

This is what we’re working with here: Pixie Geldof’s chain mail lucite legging terror of an outfit from the British Fashion awards. Usually there are some redeeming qualities of the victims of any ‘what not to wear’ list, but sadly Pixie falls flatter than her bare chain mailed tits. Let’s dissect this one, shall we?Pixie Geldof At The British Fashion Awards




The problems:

  • Lancelot stripper top
  • Yeti coat
  • Leggings as pants
  • Too-small plastic strap hooker heels

The fix:

While still working with the basic styles of the fluffy jacket, mesh and fur hat, we take things down a crazy notch. Instead of an overpowering long hair Yeti style jacket, we switch it up with a feather bolero. The chain mail top is replaced with a mesh top layered with a white tank top underneath (so we get maximum sheer impact).

Swap the leggings as pants faux pas and take up a pair of black tapered pants with a bit of a stretch to keep the essence of the legging look. The only thing I would add is a pair of elbow length leather and knit gloves since the bolero is short sleeved and it’s quite chilly out.

Pixie Geldof At The British Fashion Awards

From left to right: Feather bolero ($125; Topshop), Twelfth St. By Cynthia Vincent grey mesh racerback($159; Bluefly), CLU Tank with Ruffles ($173; La Garçonne), Alexander Wang skinny jersey pant ($405; La Garçonne), Acne Jeans Dallas long gloves ($99; eLuxury),



Because we replaced a mesh top for the chain mail, we can add a chain mail accessory; a bracelet by Kenneth Cole. Toss the stripper like heels for some gold and black embellished platform sandals, and a cocktail ring to match both metallic tones in your outfit.

Remember: if the public can see your nips and your toes hang off the top of your heels, you need to re-evaluate your wardrobe selections!

Pixie Geldof At The British Fashion Awards

From left to right: Chain mail bracelet ($98; Kenneth Cole), Adrienne Landau black rabbit fur hat ($87; Bluefly), Juicy Couture heart & key necklace ($68; Nordstrom), Panther stud platform sandal ($170; Topshop), Lori bonn “sol” cushion cocktail ring ($198; Dillard’s)


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