American Apparel Offers A Cure For The Leggings vs. Pants Dilemma

aaAmerican Apparel has come up with a legging/pant hybrid to cure to the age old question: how can I wear leggings as pants without looking tacky? You still can’t, but with the new disco pants from AA you’re covered with fabric thick enough to pull of the title of “pant”, yet form fitting and elastine enough to have the best qualities of a legging.

For the super bold, these pants also come in a raging red shade, though I wouldn’t recommend. I’m thinking AA will likely come up with a dark gray version, as well as a few jewel tone colors; but I don’t suspect we’ll get a selection as wide as their regular leggings thanks to the $123CA/90US price point (we can dream, though).

Another plus to these pants is the fact you can actually pull of the tuck-in (as shown) since the waist isn’t just an elastic band. Fantastic!

I have a pair of these coming in the mail, and can’t wait to start layering with them.


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I bought a black pair of disco pants from Americam Apparel a few weeks ago. They are so sexy and well-constructed. I like the shimmery satin look. Also, the high waist shapes my hips, and pulls in my gut. If you want to get attention, get a pair.

Comment by Samantha

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