Lloyds Of Gastown Opening Party Photos
November 26, 2008, 10:07 pm
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Last night I went to the Lloyd’s of Gastown opening party.  I have to say, I wasn’t impressed.  From the stock I saw, things seemed like a lot of Ben Sherman dominated the selection.  The denim was priced at around $200, yet was very thin and felt almost pajama like while thumbed, and the casual shirts seemed a little dull to me.

The store was nicely decorated and designed and I hope this shop can end up making it in the harsh retail landscape of today; though I expect the buyer may have to reign in their choices and go for pieces a little more akin to an affordable Roden Gray.

Lloyds Of Gastown Opening Party Photos


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I thought the store was amazing! The product selection was great! It had all the top name brands in men’s fashion today.
Maybe you should go back to Walmart and shop! You can get cheap, rough denim there!

Comment by John

Hah! You clearly are confused regarding quality denim. Are you familiar with raw selvedge denim? This treated fabric of the thickest and highest quality out there.

You must have a very limited denim knowledge if you assume I must shop at Wal Mart because I don’t think thin, pajama-like denim is worth $200.

If you took a look at other brands such as A.P.C. (who sell high quality raw denim for approx. $150) and realized the quality difference, you would not take such an offensive on my criticism of Lloyd’s selection.

Comment by Victoria Potter

I think you are the one that is confused!
Lloyds is the most beautiful new store there is around. They offer a variety of brands as well as denim. To say they only offer pajama like denim is ridiculous – you can tell they offer variety just by looking at the photographs. Who would open a store and offer only one type of denim?

AG, one of the denim brands in the store is actually selvedge denim. If you flipped up the cuff of the jean, you would know by the seams. AG actually uses premium selvedge denim, and has the purchasing power to buy denim no one else has access to.

They are actually pioneers in the denim industry using revolutionary technology to create the vintage feel and look of the premium denims. They do offer the heavier weight, 12 oz, etc. which were also in the store at the time of the party as well as now.

The pajama like denim you are referring to is actually made of pima cotton, which is the highest quality cotton you can buy. If you had tried on these jeans instead of merely “thumbing through them.” then you would know that they fit like a glove.

I own several pairs and they are my favorite jeans. They also attract denim connoisseurs, and have a huge celebrity following with the likes of Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth, Brad Pitt rocking those jeans.

I question your opinons because they are not based on denim quality, fabric, fit or brand, but on loose uneducated observations. The next time you publicly criticize someones stores, and the brands they carry, I would suggest you do your research first! Whoever is paying you to write this from Roden Grey hired the wrong person.

Comment by Kristine

This is hilarious! Nobody is paying me to blog about Roden Gray, it happens to be my opinion.

Suggesting that I try on every pair of pants before deciding if a store’s stock is to my liking is absurd; as is stating that my opinions are uneducated. Just because I don’t care for a store does not mean I don’t know what I’m talking about, which is irrelevant because this is an opinion piece in the first place.

I don’t think that paper thin denim, pima cotton though it may be, is worth a high price tag. Thin fabrics wear quicker; how on earth a pair of pants that will be ruined twice as fast as another pair are better completely escapes me.

You state that my opinion must have been bought because I prefer Roden Gray to Lloyd’s; from your response you sound as though you work for AG.

You keep your opinion, and I’ll keep mine.

Comment by Victoria Potter

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