The Most Delectable Tuxedo Jackets For Her

A tuxedo jacket can perk up any informal outfit instantly, or glam up a slim pair of slacks and heels with ease.  Though the word ‘delectable’ is usually synonymous with ‘expensive’ (and we prove that with the four chosen jackets), there’s no harm in looking…or dreaming.

Besides, we can use these pieces as a jumping point to decide what style we prefer, and then go looking for similar cuts in more affordable stores.

Personally, I would go for the first jacket on the left by Alexander McQueen.  With its traditional masculine cut, it would go perfectly with some indigo skinny leg jeans, black leather ankle boots and a few layered scarves.  Thank goodness that one is less than $600, I can still rationalize dreaming about it.

The Most Delectable Tuxedo Jackets

From left to right: McQ Alexander McQueen Black Tuxedo Jacket ($536; My Wardrobe), Tara Jarmon Black Blazer ($600; Shopbop), Luella Buck Bow Jacket ($750; La Garçonne), Balmain Black Blazer ($2,630; Shopbop)


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agreed, The McQueen one is definatly the best. He makes such great taiored pieces.

Comment by Erin Reiger

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