Stylagio Clip Chic Purse Hook Review
November 18, 2008, 4:45 pm
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Stylagio Clip Chic Purse Hook Review
Have you ever been out to dinner and had something snagged out of your purse while it sat at your feet? Think of the Clip Chic purse hooks as handbag anti theft devices.

These things clip on any surface (bars, tables, etc) as the photo to the left shows. They can hold quite a bit; my bag is loaded with junk and it held on with a death grip.

With purse snatchings and thievery at an all time high, a $20 investment in this little gadget seems like a small price to pay.

Check out the entire list of colors and enjoy free shipping.


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I’m sorry but those are hideous. Who would carry that around and remember to use it at restaurants, especially fancy ones?

Comment by Kyle

@Kyle: what would you know! do you carry purses? at Fancy restaurants you wouldn’t need one because everyone is rich and no one is going to steal a measly bag. I think this is a neat idea. I hate putting my purse under the chair on the ground. Its dirty and unsafe.

Comment by Erin Reiger

my nail tech has one at her station and it’s awesome. Don’t think I’d have one in my handbag with me at all times though. It is a great idea.

Comment by Phaedra

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