Calvin Klein Secret Obsession Perfume Giveaway!
November 18, 2008, 3:52 pm
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Alright everyone, Calvin Klein has provided me with a “Secret Obsession” package to give away to one lucky reader!

The package available to win includes a full size bottle of Calvin Klein Obsession perfume, a bronze metal charm necklace joined by two handcuffs, and a Secret Obsession sleeping mask.

To enter, all you must do is write your (or your significant other’s) secret obsession in the comments box below on this post. Make sure you’re using a real e-mail address, or I won’t have any means to contact you once the contest closes.

The final winner will be chosen by draw.

Contest runs from November 18th, 2008 – December 18th, 2008.

Calvin Klein Obsession Perfume Giveaway!


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my secret obsession is eating spaghetti in my underwear and feeling tomato sauce splatter against my skin.

Comment by clinton

My secret obsession is dark chocolate in any shape or form.

Comment by Julia

My secret Obsession is wearing my partners underwear and laying around the house in them when he isn’t home

Comment by Doug

My other obsession is to have a shower and walk around the apt and air dry while no one is home dancing around to music !!!

Comment by Doug

My secret obsession is you…

Comment by kt

My secret obsession is blackberries. No, not the phone, the fruit, I love to eat blackberries and once I start, I have trouble stopping.

Comment by trish

Swedish Berries, Sour Patch kids, Cherry Blasters and Strawberry Marshmallows. I hide them from my kids, lay in bed & read and eat candy!

Comment by Christina

My secret obsession is spying on my neighbors when they fight.

Comment by gingerkidd

My secret obsession is those nice big vibrating pens that you can get at Dollarama.. they have multiple uses.

Comment by J Chaborek

My secret obsession is jinxing you.

Comment by Giselle

My secret obsession is sniffing books and magazines before I read them.

Comment by stylemaven

My secret obsession is chocolate. I tell people I don’t like eating it.. but I really do!

Comment by sena

my secret obsession is the sapphire crow.

Comment by ky

my sceret obsession is sleeping in fresh laundered sheets!

Comment by bunny

My secret obsession is getting into grad school.

Comment by jen k.

My secret obsession is covering myself with hot laundry fresh from the dryer.

Comment by Kelly

My secret obsession is scratching off old nail polish into weird shapes.

Comment by Preet

My secret obsession is eating in the middle of the night when my husband is sleeping.

Comment by aishaholley

my secret obsession is to have a boyfriend who love me deeply and be crazy about me

Comment by tooma

My secret obsession is reading fashion style blogs!

Comment by mc

My secret Obsession is to have another baby

Comment by Ricci

My secret obsession is the neighbor’s cat! I love the little kitty and she’s living comfortably in my house now instead of outside in the cold!

Comment by Tina Renee

My secret obsession is Febreeze… I spray it on everything and it smells like I just cleaned and did laundry, like I’m the perfect girlfriend!

Comment by Ashley K

My secret obsession is Spree Candy! I’d rather eat it than a meal. I guess I’m a sugar addict!

Comment by Zoe

My secret obsession is my boyfriend’s briefs. He doesn’t know it but I’ve been wearing them cause they’re more comfortable than my undies!

Comment by Cali

My secret obsession is sacrificing necessities like food and saving up to buy expensive dresses.

Comment by Molly

my obsession is my girlfriend who i love very much and hope to someday get married and spend a long life together

Comment by mike

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