Everyone Loves A Good Buckling
November 17, 2008, 1:45 pm
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Buckles can enhance a piece without overpowering it. Buckles can add a belted detail to trenches, function on belts or even appear as a cosmetic detail on footwear. Instead of having a contrasting color or fabric, a buckle can give depth and just the right amount of detail to something that would otherwise be potentially plain and average.

Try mixing a little buckle into your regular wardrobe. Make it as subtle as you want it, but do give it a try nonetheless.


Everyone Loves A Good Buckling

First row from left to right: Portolano black leather double buckle gloves ($99; Bluefly), Lydia Sateen Hat ($138; Coach), L.A.M.B. Finsbury Pump ($400; eLuxury), Preen Swing Out Jacket ($735; La Garçonne), Michael Kors Wide Stretch Belt ($60; Macy’s)

Bottom row from left to right: Francesco Biasia black leather ‘Annie’ large tote ($299; Bluefly), Fendi Timepieces Buckle Black Leather Watch ($650; Bloomingdale’s), Check Jacquard dress ($995; Burberry), Thomas Burberry Thor Bag (£125; My Wardrobe), Leather Cuff Bracelet ($195; Burberry)




First row from left to right: “The original” leather postal messenger ($795; J. Crew), Black deerskin buckle detail gloves ($90; Bluefly), John Varvatos messenger bag in Brown ($895; Barneys), D&G Double-D Buckle matte leather belt ($215; eLuxury)

Bottom row from left to right: Skinny belt ($40; Topman), FABI Ankle boots ($252; Yoox), Herringbone overcoat ($160; Topman),


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I am working on a post about all the unnecessary buckles in fashion right now, and it makes me want to barf.

Can I have a jacket without the added complication of an ugly sash or buckle, please?

They are everywhere and it’s utterly ridiculous.

Comment by Terri Potratz

Personally I prefer having a buckle as opposed to none. I usually go for busy looks.

Comment by Victoria Potter

he he – I think part of my frustration comes from shopping all day on Saturday and at LEAST 90% of the jackets had gawdy buckles/belts attached to them. it seemed a bit extreme.

Comment by Terri Potratz

Fair indeed! Shops really don’t know what moderation is these days.

Comment by Victoria Potter

I like a belted look every now and again, but what i want is to add my OWN belt. I dont want to be forced to deal with a belt and then if you dont want it and take it off, you have the belt loops. I always add my own serpate belt when it comes to sweaters or coats etc.

Comment by Erin Reiger

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