VFW SS09 Runway Review: Various Marc Ecko Brands

Since Ecko had their runway shows one after the other (and they all looked the same), I’m doing their review on a company level, versus each individual brands. The labels shown were Marc Ecko, Ecko Red, Blac Label, Cavi and Rocawear.

Overall, it was pretty much the same line interpreted with slightly different fabrics and a lot of booty for the girls, and wide leg denim and graphic tees for the guys. While I recognize that all of these pieces will not always be worn together; the thought of this kind of street wear as fashionably acceptable frightens me.

The menswear consisted of flowing wide leg denim and various unimaginative graphic tees layered with hoodies or a cardigan. There was a point when one model came out wearing an American Apparel rip off silver jogging jacket, and I turned on photo autopilot (this was during the “Artful Dodger” brand show). Overall, the “Artful Dodger” had the most thought put into the design, rather than going for the atypical street wear formula, though after a while all the plastic looking abs melted into one mass and everything seemed to look the same.

The womenswear was slightly more creative, but still ended up looking largely like glorified hooker wear. I get that girls (and guys) like short shorts, but this was a distasteful of near-crotch thigh. I guess at Ecko, they don’t teach reasonably modesty. Overall, it seemed like most designs were poor incarnations of blazers, thin pants and dresses. Most of what I saw was a very simple piece embellished with prints; definitely nothing special.

My entire set of VFW SS09 photographs are located here, and the Ecko show photos are located here.  Please contact me if you wish to use any of the images.


Various Marc Ecko Brands

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I attended this show after receiving some tickets thru a friend. I have to say we enjoyed this show very much. There were alot of elements put into this, graffiti, awesome dj, breakdancing, we were entertained the whole way thru. Im not sure where you saw the glorified hookerwear? There were some shot shorts but how you wear them is up to you clearly. I think you missed a few brands in there the shows name was actually Swagger Like Us, maybe do a little more research next time if you’re going to be so “honest”, the title can’tbe thatt hard to remember can it? Its a good thing the public disagrees these are multi million dollar brands my friend 🙂

Comment by Alice

@Alice: Well, I believe I linked to an example of the “hooker” wear, and no matter which way you wear short shorts, they still remain short shorts.

All the brands looked the same, so I’m not too concerned with missing a few; which is why I posted under a mass title of “Ecko”.

Finally, I realize they are million dollar brands, but it does not mean they’re designed in good taste. Let’s agree to disagree.

Comment by Victoria Potter

The show was OFF THE HOOK…. I can see by your review that you have NO knowledge of hip hop culture if you did you would have mentioned how the four elements were intergraded into the show with graffiti artists, break dancers, DJ’s and rap music.

In regards to hooker wear…Im pretty sure that was one dress and maybe the model didn’t pull it down enough?

Sadly i have to say your reference to american apparel knock off track jacket was so off side …i cant believe i have to explain this to an “fashion reviewer” but those tracks are called “member’s only jackets” and hip hop brands have been doing the since the 80’s. So I’d say a correction is in order american apparel ripped off urban street wear brands around the world.

I’ve read your other reviews dude do some research before you talk smack you just sound uneducated overall.

Chicks were literally fighting over the free swagg that was given to the crowd and i think there was at least 300 peep’s there…that says enough.

Comment by JP

I fully acknowledge that hip hop culture is not my forté whatsoever. I didn’t care for the clothes, so that was what was written.

By the way, it was fantastic people were clamoring over the free stuff, but that does not measure the quality of the piece itself.

I was giving my opinion on the clothing; not the ‘culture’, hence the lack of mention about the break dancers and what not. That was irrelevant to the clothing design, so it was left out.

Comment by Victoria Potter

I am in complete agreement with JP and Alice. The show was top-notch!!!! Victoria…you comment that hip hop culture is not your forte which is fine, but as a “professional” fashion reviewer you ought to be unbiased and review fashion based on its style, the quality, the collection, and trend setting potential. What you saw in the show on Sunday night is representative of Vancouver culture, but, more specifically, street wear!! All of these brands are some of the hottest and most sought after brands in street wear and I will say that the collection(s) chosen were stylish, hot, and well-received by anyone who has an appreciation for fashion.

Furthermore, fashion shows are a form of art. The fact that the show integrated street wear with elements representative of the hip hop culture (ie. one of the hottest DJs in town, a Graffiti artist, and breakdancers) indicates to me that the team(s) who designed the show have talent, artistic appeal, and an excellent understanding of the brands’ target audience.

I personally am not one to wear hip hop / street wear, but I do have an accreditation in Fashion Design and Marketing and I know good fashion when I see it and I was utterly impressed with the show on Sunday night and the collections represented.

Assuming you consider yourself a fashion “reviewer” — if you will — I would be weary of simply criticizing for the sake of getting attention. To be successful in the fashion industry a good eye for style, political correctness in reviews, and a strong understanding of what constitutes fashion and trend setting is imperative!!!

Personally, I think it’s about time local fashion shows integrate more artistic appeal in their choreography / production. Sunday night’s show is the reason why I’ll be sure to return to VFW in the future.

Comment by Tali

Since I didn’t care for a line means I am writing a review for attention? Not everyone is always going to write a positive review, that does not mean I’m looking for a negative spotlight.

The above is what I thought about the clothing; so take it or leave it, it’s still my opinion. I criticize when I feel it’s due, that’s the bottom line.

Comment by Victoria Potter

I attended various shows for VFW and by far this show was the BEST! It was great from beginning to end. I am a huge fan of street wear, and I was really happy to see core street wear brands making the effort to be involved in VFW. The house was packed, the vibe was hype, and the clothes were dope! (dope meaning good). Street wear is a culture and a lifestyle, and in my opinion the” Swagger Like Us” show covered all of the elements of what street wear is, and the direction that it is heading. I really liked what I saw from Marc Ecko Cut & Sew, and the Artful Dodger brand because they showed the maturity of street wear. We all have different views on what’s HOT and what’s NOT, and in my opinion the collections were fresh and on point for what the culture is asking for.

P.S. The Storm Trooper hoody the DJ was wearing is SICK!!!!!

Comment by Ben

This show was sweet!!! wear do i buy the stuff?

Comment by mike

It’s good to see Ecko’s girls line is coming up! They have some cute stuff this year. I heard shontelle is going to be on the macy’s parade float, does that mean she’s going to be the new model?? Someone find that out for me!

Comment by chacha

I heard shontelle performin

Comment by The Queen Bitch

Shontelle is so beautiful and would make a wonderful Ecko model. I guess we will have to see after the parade.

Comment by rareandunique

Who is Shontelle?

Comment by Nikki

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