VFW SS09 Runway Review: Karen Wu

Karen Wu’s show was actually pretty good.  I could see these dresses actually being worn by women in an office or party setting; they definitely had potential wearability.  I particularly enjoyed the boxy blazer and A-line skirt combination (far right), as well as the full skirted prom-style dress (second to the right); though it seemed a very close cousin to the AA figure skater dress.  There was also a flowing leopard print dress that was particularly nice, though I can’t see many being able to pull that off aside from the model that wore it on the runway.

It was pretty obvious that some of the pieces didn’t seem to fit the models wearing them.  As you can see in this photo, the fitting was clearly less than ideal; and did not paint the clothing in a postive light.  Since runway shows are essentially commercials for these lines, I didn’t really understand why such an important thing as proper fitting was overlooked until Karen herself commented on the NowPublic article citing the same questions (apparently she never saw the models until two hours before the show).

My entire set of VFW SS09 photographs are located here, and the Karen Wu show photos are located here.  Please contact me if you wish to use any of the images.

Karen Wu


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I find her designes are closely related to designers Chloe and Reese. Perhaps its just a coincidence.

Comment by Erin Reiger

I can see what you mean by ill-fitting. At the expense of sounding mean, the model looks like she has a baby bulge in the second shot.

Comment by Parveen Kaler

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