Topshop Jumps On The Thigh High Boot Bandwagon

Topshop Jumps On The Thigh High Boot Bandwagon
With the addition of the thigh high “Bambi2” boot, Topshop has officially joined ranks with the rest of the fashion world attempting to profit from the highly popular tall boot craze.  These boots are already sold out of size 11; perhaps a little window into the male boot wearing subculture, or maybe girls just have bigger feet these days? As a size 10’er myself, I’m guessing a bit of both.

The boots are priced at $230 US/£110, which really isn’t all that bad for a boot constructed from leather. 

Topshop does not specify how tall the boot’s heel ends up being with the slight platform under the rest of the foot, but I’d wager we’re at a healthy 3 inches.  This at least assures a few hours’ walking before any pain sets in (though I still recommend gel insoles, they work like magic!).


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What’s your view on the over the knee boot trend? I know it’s somewhat on the fringe right now, but I’ve found a pair that aren’t hooker-esque and I was thinking of buying them. Do you think this will appear in full force next fall? Should I invest?

Comment by doozy

I love over the knee boots. I recently bought a heeled pair myself and are shopping for a flat pair!

Comment by Victoria Potter

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