VFW SS09 Runway Review: Shea O’Connor

While watching the Sea O’Connor lingerie runway show at this past VFW, I found I couldn’t even make a decision on the designs at the time because I was so distracted by the models; these girls were in the worst shape I have ever seen a woman be in on a runway.

I have no idea why on earth someone would put models with bodies like this in lingerie; much less tie ribbons up and down their thighs to draw attention to their most unflattering parts.  I suppose it was admirable of these women to get onstage at all; but the designer really should not have allowed this to take place.  Perhaps the same thing occured as in the Karen Wu show (she never saw the models until two hours before they took their walks down the runway). That is still no excuse, though.

Shea O’Connor’s show is that her designs were decent; though they were entirely upstaged by cellulite.

My entire set of VFW SS09 photographs are located here, and the Shea O’Connor show photos are located here.  Please contact me if you wish to use any of the images.

Shea O'Connor
Shea O'Connor

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I don’t believe these models are really as unhealthy looking as the article above states. I do admit their shapes are unconventional in the fashion world, but the designs themselves (ie. the bra cup sizes) lead one to believe that perhaps the lingerie is made for a fuller figure.

Comment by Mia

@Mia: Bigger models are fine, but they should be firm, not fat.

Comment by Victoria Potter

For a blogger that is so opinionated about “Merder tee’s” being politically incorrect. I find it hypocritical and classless to state “these girls were in the worst shape I have ever seen a woman be in on a runway”. You obviously have a skewed vision of the human body as well as no sense of society moving forward and supporting young woman in a healthy body image.

Comment by WORD OF MOUTH

I def agree with you “word of mouth”. You sound like a pretty big hypocrite Victoria. It’s one thing to talk about the clothes and another to talk trash about the models or the desginer who picked them. I was at the show and actually like the fact that the models were not rail thin!!!

I’ll ask you a question…being a woman, you must have some cellulite? no? Be honest! (I’m a guy and I know most women do.) EVERY women does and face it, this was not Victoria Secret where they airbrush the hell out of the models nor was it an editorial ad where they can make a model look skinner!!

“Mia: Bigger models are fine, but they should be firm, not fat”. WOW – sorry but you got some issues. Having an opinion is one thing, but your just a mean person who has nothing better to do than sit behing a computer screen and write hypocritical things.

Comment by Jay

I didn’t think the models were fat!! are you crazy???

Comment by Liz

Neither of the models are fat. From what I’ve seen, these look like normal women on the runway, which is more refreshing than looking at rail thin models.

Comment by doozy

What everyone does not seem to understand is in my comment I stated that bigger models should be fit (IE. in shape).

I’m not saying that we must always have rail thin women walking runways, but I expect that someone with a title of “model” should be in good physical condition no matter what their weight happens to be.

@Jay: The truth is not trash talking. If you happen to disagree, fantastic; but just because I didn’t agree with how the show went about does not mean I’m a hypocrite. I’m entitled to my opinion, just as you are.

@WordOfMouth: No, my view is not skewed. Watch any reputable runway show and you’ll see that I am not the only person with this expectation. If you don’t like it, fabulous. I expect you will be taking on the whole of the fashion industry next?

Comment by Victoria Potter

I definatly think the ribbons were a bad idea. That is unflattering on ANYONE.

Comment by Erin Reiger

Except none of the ribbon photos I’ve seen have fat bulging out around them in a muffin-top sort of way. It appears these models may actually be fit and the ribbons prove it?

Comment by Jared

See the above edited article for a close up photo which should be all the proof you require.

Comment by Victoria Potter

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