VFW SS09 Runway Review: Ogie Kanogie

For a show that we had to watch twice (models were re-styled using the same outfits), they did not earn the right to occupy double the runway time.  I really didn’t understand why so many outfits were centered on floor length Jedi coats(a coincidence between that and the label’s name? I think not). The clothing was not particularly enchanting, and reminded me of a piece you could find on the clearance rack at The Garage in your local mall.

One of the few outfits that did not feature the Jedi duster coat included a pair of 90s faded jeans and blindingly red boots; a color clash that not even Superman would be able to pull off.  The color choices for the pieces were quite poor; and no attention seemed to have been paid towards styling overall.   

At the end of the show, it was the model wearing Uggs and a matching shearling floor length coat that really erased any speculation that this line was a disaster. 

Ogie Kanogie

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Not twice, thrice. Check KK’s photos on my site. This happened with at LEAST two “looks.” And wasted my time. Unfastening buttons does not constitute a new outfit, and robes with buttons and hoods does not a fashion show make.

Comment by Terri Potratz

@Terri Yikes…that’s even worse!

Comment by Victoria Potter

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