5 Designer Men’s Wallets Under $100

A solid wallet is truly necessary for every man.  You can’t gallavant around town with your money and credit cards in a shoddy fall-apart wallet…that simply won’t do.  To combat this, I have complied a list of basic designer wallets for men, all priced at under $100.

From top to bottom:  Marc Jacobs patent grey wallet ($55; Bluefly), Marc Jacobs black leather billfold wallet ($78; Kitson), Polo Ralph Lauren black leather billfold wallet ($75; Dillard’s), Water Buffalo slim billfold ($98; Coach), Baby Buffalo wallet ($40; Kenneth Cole)

5 Designer Men's Wallets Under $100


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Tiny story: i used to rock an unruly and unnecessarily large wallet then fired the leather storage system altogether in favor of this gorgeous Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass design ACME business card holder. I get countless compliments which, in turn, start countless conversations ;-).

ACME has other designs that run the gamut from Eames to Michael Graves, to Karim Rashid, to Davinci.

It holds exactly one credit card, one drivers license, one bank card, and 4 business cards. This takes discipline but is worth it. cards in the case, cash folded in pocket. doods dont need to lug around coffee cards or receipts; toss that junk!

Comment by dm

Also the Jack Spade anchor wallet

must-have imo 😉

Comment by quentin

I can highly recommend the Polo wallets, great quality leather and wear well…also found a Kenneth Cole Reaction wallet (similar) at Winners for $30!

On the subject of Polo, my wife says Polo after shave is so retro, and bought me some Givennchy π

I prefer Polo, I don’t bath in it but I do like it, can you recommend something perhaps a little more “with the times”

Thanks Fashionista!

Comment by John

my dream wallet would be the new comme des garcons
metallic embossed wallet, but for $209 that’s just retardly ludicrous.

Comment by Hung

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