A.P.C. Brings The Fur This Winter
November 6, 2008, 4:16 pm
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A.P.C. Brings The Fur
For just the right amount of excess, look no further than the Lapin box jacket by A.P.C. Though this coat may not be ideal during wet times, there are certainly some delightfully crisp [and dry] days during Northern winters where a nice wrapping of rabbit fur would do one quite well.

The brown color keeps this coat available for day wear; though it would easily transition for night wear when worn with particular high footwear and a slim silhouette.

At $900, the price is a bit intense for the average buyer, but no fear: thrift shops everywhere are overflowing with similar jackets (though perhaps without such a luxurious lining and buttons) for significantly less (I found one nearly identical for $50 in my local Value Village).


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I also saw a Real Rabbits fur coat with silk linish at VVboutique for 45$.

I cant believe someone just gave that away. Maybe they had a moral dilemma?

Comment by Erin Reiger

God knows why…these coats are magical!

Comment by Victoria Potter

fur is baddddd. say no to furrrr. i only have one piece of clothing from a.p.c. and it will be my last. bye bye a.p.c.

Comment by Hung

@Hung I take it by that logic you don’t wear leather or eat meat?

Comment by Victoria Potter

@ victoria yes i wear leather, but only cattle hide leather. yes i eat meat, but only chicken and fish. so, yes i’m cruel to animals, but wearing fur and supporting the fur industry is a much higher level of cruelty to animals which I wish not to contribute to.

Comment by Hung

@Hung: a “higher level of cruelty”?! You can’t be serious. There are such things as leather farms, with their sole purpose to kill animals for their skin. Don’t be a hypocrite.

Check out the facts for yourself, you people seem to love quoting them to me.

Get informed and get over yourself.

Comment by Victoria Potter

@victoria yes there are leather farms, but there are also a thing called fur farm, where animals are raise and kill solely for their fur. it is where more than half to the world’s fur supply come from, the rest come from trapping and killing wild animals solely for their fur. whereas with leather, the majority of the world’s leather supply are byproduct of the meat industry, primarily cattlehide. byproduct vs killing animals solely for their fur, fur is where i draw the line.

what is it about fur that you find so appealing?
for me fur has no place in fashion. everytime i see a fur coat i think of hookers and pimps.

Comment by Hung


Animals on these farms are killed solely for their skin. The byproduct of the meat industry point is not true, you should do your research.

The leather industry stands on its own feet and does not rely on the meat industry any more so it is therefore not a byproduct.

Your hands are just as morally bloody as mine.

Comment by Victoria Potter

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