Louis Vuitton Pigs Are A Pitiful Waste Of Good Bacon
November 5, 2008, 12:23 pm
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OK, I know people are gaga for Louis Vuitton monograms (for some unknown reason), but this is just too much.  Admittedly when I heard about these pigs being tattooed with the LV monogram symbols, I had a reasonably cool image in my head of an all-over image cover over the pig’s body.  What was put on these pigs were a poorer display than even the worst knock offs. 

This is a sad display of a tacky re-creation of LV design…I wonder if Karl Lagerfeld will be sending a cease and desist order to the artist to prevent them from being shown and sold.



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I must agree, those are some sad looking pigs…but what does Lagerfeld have to do with LV? Do you perhaps mean Marc Jacobs?

Comment by emilie

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