Lockets, To Add A Sense Of Nostalgia

A locket is the perfect embodiment of romantic nostalgia.  If you’re looking for a simpler piece of jewlery to add to an Edwardian look or perhaps just to add to a tshirt-cardigan-blazer layering scheme, a locket is an easy way to give your look a classic feel. 

In the old days, people used to keep everything from poision to the hair of a loved one within the confines of their locket; whatever they did chose, though, they kept close to their heart.

Personally, I prefer the classic shaped locket in a fairly oval or circular shape to a kitshy shape (such as a heart).  If you’re like myself and only dream of £29,500 Alexander McQueen locket beauties, there are a few selections below; most under $100.

Lockets, To Add A Sense Of Nostalgia

From left to right: Weston bronze locket ($90; CoutureCandy), Bearhead gold plate locket ($79; Ravinstyle), Kuo Ting bronze locket with pearl ($138; CoutureCandy), Gold photo locket ($90/sale; Kohl’s), Oval lock pendant ($575; Tiffany)


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