A Woman Wearing A Men’s Style Trouser
October 29, 2008, 7:28 pm
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If you are pining for a break from your tried and true skinnies, look no further than a men’s trouser.  A wide cut, loose trouser will add a varied shape and give you a completely different look and feel to what you have come to be used to. 

If you’re to wear something that would traditionally be typecast as ‘business casual’, shake it up with something from the opposite spectrum; try mixing a men’s style trouser with a button up oxford and a motorcycle jacket to shake things up.  If you stick to a classic blazer, you may run the risk of looking too formal.

Depending on the width of the trouser, try doing a cuff with a boot to change things up (just make sure you’re wearing spunky socks and have legs that aren’t as moon-pale as mine!)


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Those look like harem pants. How about a masculinely-slim leg?

Comment by Jared

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