M.I.A.’s Clothing Line Not Worth The Mexican Blanket It Ripped Off

This is one style destitute group of clothing.  M.I.A., indie hip hopper extraordinaire and champion of hipsters everywhere has come out with a solid horror of a clothing line; it’s hideous, outrageously priced and half the time only supplies you with piece sketches (examples below) instead of product shots on the official site!

These clothing articules are not worth the Mexican blankets they were ripped off from; yet somehow M.I.A.’s camp has decided that they can charge the price of 10.5 AK’s (African value, according to her song “20 Dollar”) for one jungle colored jogging jacket. What about the leggings, you ask? Those run at $85, the “Mexican bodysuit” is $100; the unfortunate pricing trend continues from there.

This is a woman who has professed to wanting to “keep it underground”; but how can that be when you’re charging $75 for a bloody t-shirt to pimp out your face?  I love M.I.A.’s songs and she’s a quirky personality who stands out in a sea of boredom, but this is just too much to visually swallow while keeping any dignity intact. 



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Kind of remind me of the stuffs they wore on The Cosby Show.

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