5 Holiday Party Must-Haves For Him


  • A fitted winter coat.  Enough of all the boxy fits; if you’re dressing to impress you’re going to opt for a coat that it well fitting, and of course well constructed. If you’ve needed a reason to find the perfect blazer or pea coat, this is the right time to collect one.
  • Patent shoes. If you’re bringing your A-game, you want to distinguish yourself.  Patent leather will do just that (but of course there’s no obligation to do blue!)
  • A daring tie. This does not mean a default of stripes (and definitely don’t make the horrid holiday tie error), but a tie like the “Split” shown below is classic and still demands respect of the wearer.
  • Cozy knits for layering.You don’t always have to go with the obligatory waistcoat when layering for a wintery get together.  Instead, try a cardie for a varied look that isn’t so uptight.
  • A hat removed from the ordinary. Try a color other than black or gray and add a tuft of feathers for color.  The colored felt of the Rag & Bone hat below gives the hat a bit of spunk already; try with different dark colors!

From left to right: Navy slim fit pea coat($170; Topman), Patent “Luciano” oxfords($275; Fluevog), Split tie ($119; Tiger of Sweden), Navy random knit cardigan($70; Topman), Triangle top hat by Rag & Bone ($150; eLuxury)


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another interesting way to dress a hat is with a tasteful, vintage kilt pin. It’s a great way to add a unique flavor and you can rest assured that nobody else is rockin the hat exactly like you are. nothing too ornate or bulky though.


Comment by dm

I cant imagine many straight men wearing those patent blue shoes… unless their working an edgy look at a gala of some sort, then again… do we even have galas in vancouver?

Comment by Erin Reiger

@Erin: thankfully there are parts of the world where men aren’t afraid to get a little innovative. Maybe someday Vancouver will catch up…

Comment by Victoria Potter

I hesitate at wearing patent leather shoes unless the shoes are black in colour and I’m wearing a tuxedo.

Perhaps keeping it simple and classic (unlined blazer, turtleneck, dark denim) may be a better option as restraint seems to be in the air.

Comment by emmy

Patent shoes are a fleeting fashion. Better to spend your money on a killed pair of dressy ankle-boots.

Comment by Jared

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