The Question Of Men’s Vogue
October 27, 2008, 2:50 pm
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Earlier today, I was asked about the existence of Men’s Vogue by a friend of mine; who was actually surprised that this magazine existed as he had never seen it on newsstands before.

From what I can tell from my style conscious male friends, their first choice is GQ.  This does not in any way surprise me; apart from the branding of GQ being superficially younger and ‘cooler’ (a bad word, yes, though perfectly befitting) they have some confusing branding.  While is the online home of Vogue; is the online home of GQ and Details (wth?).  Meanwhile, Men’s Vogue has a completely different branded URL ( and appears to stand alone from the well known (and popular) name of women’s Vogue.

It’s no wonder people don’t know what Men’s Vogue is; they seem to be operating this publication like a secret magazine.  Time to step up your game, Condé Nast.


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I remember also hearing about Men’s Cosmo at one time. I don’t know what happened to it. How would a guy find out about Men’s Cosmo, Men’s Vogue, Men’s Flare (made that up), if they are hidden?

Are women discovering it and buying it for their man?

(thanks for the shout out)

Comment by tyfn

@tyfn I have no idea…but I can definitely see Men’s Vogue going the way of the dodo if things aren’t changed!

Comment by Victoria Potter

I bought a copy of Men’s Vogue once. I thought that the magazine was definitely aiming at an older, worldlier clientele compared to GQ. I wish they would take it down a couple of notches; not all of us are CEOs with a couple of million to burn.

Comment by emmy

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