5 Holiday Party Must-Haves For Her

As the holidays are nearing, so is the holiday party season.  Be it seasonal work gatherings, New Years or cold weather formals; there are certain things you just need to have.  Stay warm, and stay dignified (let’s hope you aren’t one of those unfortunate Christmas party loons last year).  Let’s explore, shall we?

  • Satin.  Satin is a raging trend this holiday season.  It’s warm, so take advantage of it! Try layering a satin blazer with an evening dress or
  • Legwear.  This is not the season for the bare leg; cover up in style with tights in various opacity levels from sheer to solid.
  • Volume.  Layering is sexy; showing your assets is not (especially for work sponsored parties!).  Try wearing dresses that already have volume, such as a dress with tulle or lace over the bottom layer.
  • Booties. Not only will they keep your feet warm, but the ankle boot is always a practical and visually appealing choice.
  • Sequins.  Try a cocktail dress covered in sequins (though mind your hem lines, ladies!) You can easily obtain a visual spark with very little effort if sequins are involved; and you will be on the cutting style edge.  Come on, Unkle Karl’s doing it.

From left to right: Vera Wang belted blazer($285; Bluefly), Opaqe pantyhouse in “forest” ($16; American Apparel), Ribbon tulle dress($134; Topshop), Alberta Ferretti patent ankle boot ($590; My Wardrobe), Proenza Shouler karate pants ($1,250; Net-A-Porter)


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…sequins? seriously?

Comment by stephanie vacher

You better believe it.

Comment by Victoria Potter

If you wore all of those items above together, it would make the most disgusting outfit of all time…haha

Comment by Erin Reiger

Well yeah, but nobody with half an IQ point would actually do that (I hope)

Comment by Victoria Potter

hahaha just sayin. 😉

Comment by Erin Reiger

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