On The Hunt For “Nice Girl Clothes”

As I attempt to dress for more formals, I have begun to realize I have a severe lack of what I call “nice girl clothes”; meaning dresses that are acceptable for night events. 

As I’m not one of those girly girls who adores pink and ruffles (though I can go for tulle when the occasion calls for it), this has proved a difficult task that I have subconsciously avoided for some time.  That’s saying something; considering I hunt retail stock like my next meal depends on it.

In the spirit of this issue, I have created a list of dresses that are acceptable for store openings, social events and of course rolicking birthday celebrations.  These are my favourite four; you can easily spunk these up with block color accessories or something sparkling (sequined blazers, anyone?) or leave them as-is while still making a visual impact. 

How you decide to put everything together I leave to you, but the top four I will provide:

I feel I must add that the first two are available in alternate colors, if lovely black really isn’t your thing.

From left to right: Hitched hem dress ($160; Topshop), Tudor silk dress (198; French Connection), Cherub check dress ($178; French Connection), Torn print prom dress ($695; Marc by Marc Jacobs)


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